UW Bothell and Cascadia College campus planning


Dear Campus Community,

We just celebrated our 2016 graduating classes and now it is time to continue planning for the future of our campus. The incoming class for the fall 2016 quarter is expected to be the largest to date. At UW Bothell, our enrollment has doubled since 2010. Cascadia College has experienced similar growth. It is imperative that we manage our campus growth strategically and develop an infrastructure that continues to provide an excellent educational experience for our students and the best possible work experience for faculty and staff.

Over the past months, we have been exploring future development on our shared campus to support growth as detailed in both the UW Bothell 21st Century Campus Initiative and Cascadia’s Strategic Plan. This includes new academic buildings that support the enrollment increase and new majors, parking and transportation alternatives, campus infrastructure and spaces that enhance the student experiences.

As part of this exploration, we have fielded questions and evaluated feedback from the Bothell community to develop the best approach moving forward. We have determined that the best solution is to proceed with a campus master plan process that will address future growth and development and associated impacts. As part of this effort, we are seeking consultants to help us with the master plan and the corresponding environmental impact statement (EIS).

This is an opportunity for our entire community including students, faculty, staff, neighbors and the broader community to engage. As you know, the city of Bothell is as invested in UW Bothell and Cascadia as we are. Last week we met with our immediate neighbors to present the draft schedule for the campus master plan process and discuss an overview of their anticipated engagement. We look forward to having similar meetings with the campus community to inform our decisions as we move forward in the process.

To help everyone gain an understanding of this work, we have attached a glossary of terms that will be regularly used during the process. You will also find draft calendar that provides an overview of anticipated project milestones and opportunities for the campus community to engage in the process. These engagement opportunities may evolve as the process proceeds and we will be sure to communicate those changes.

This is an important step that will benefit our campus and the broader community.

There will be multiple opportunities throughout the process for our campus internal and external communities to participate and input is welcome at any time. If you have any questions or would like to provide input, please feel free to email: Kelly Snyder, snyderk@uw.edu, 425-352-3623 or Meagan Walker, mwalker@cascadia.edu, 425-352-8491.


Wolf Yeigh, Chancellor and Professor         Eric Murray, President
University of Washington Bothell                 Cascadia College