Leadership clear on sexual assault awareness

Friends and Colleagues,

The national news over the last few weeks regarding the sexual misconduct of so many prominent people in our country has been disturbing, to say the least. What is becoming a national reckoning about sexual misconduct does not exclude institutions of higher education. 

We want to be clear that UW Bothell is not a place where such conduct is tolerated. The safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff is a paramount value that we hold collectively. We are all entitled to a campus environment free from danger, threat, intimidation or coercion.

Reporting can be a difficult and painful process. We applaud everyone who has stepped forward to share their stories. At UW Bothell, our campus culture needs to be one where those who report experiences of sexual misconduct can be heard and taken seriously. We are committed to building a culture where anyone can speak out or demand justice without reprisal.

A key part of creating that culture is having a demonstrated and strong institutional commitment. We stand by President Cauce’s statements here and here affirming that the University’s “commitment to preventing violence and to properly investigating and addressing allegations is unwavering.” At UW Bothell, the recent establishment of the Committee Against Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (CASARV) will help lead the way toward ensuring that our campus remains committed to dealing with this issue. 

The University offers training opportunities for sexual assault and harassment prevention and awareness for faculty and staff to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities for upholding a safe culture and taking action to address incidents of sexual misconduct.  A culture of silence is not acceptable.

Upcoming classes to be held at UW Bothell include:

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6

8:30-10:30 a.m.

UW1 050

Instructor: Lisa Hanna, Director, UW Employee Relations

Those who are new to the UW and/or who have not attended a prior session to attend.

No registration is necessary


Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Employee–Student Romantic Relationships and Conflicts of Interest (Executive Order 54)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

10 a.m. to 12 noon

UW1 280 (Rose Room)

Instructor: Shelley Kostrinsky, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, and Kimberlee Ely, Associate Director, Academic HR

Registration is required; please use this link

There are also a variety of resources available to each of you should you encounter or be subjected to any form of sexual misconduct. These resources are listed below and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them.


Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D., F.ASME

Chancellor and Professor of Engineering


Phil Akers

Vice Chancellor for Advancement & External Affairs


Susan Jeffords, Ph. D.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Ruth Johnston, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration


Faculty, staff and students can access support services at UW Bothell by completing the CARE Team on-line report. The report can be directed to the UW Bothell Victim Advocate, the Bias Support Team, the CARE Team, Student Conduct Office, or can be used to request a consultation with a professional staff member. Reports will be responded to within one business day.

UW Bothell offers free advocacy and support for students through the Advocate and Educator who provides a confidential place for individuals to seek support, information and assistance if you have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence or stalking. The UW encourages individuals to report sexual misconduct and the confidential advocate ensures that individuals impacted by sexual misconduct understand their rights and what resources are available to them before making the decision to initiate a complaint. More information can be found here and here.

The Sexual Assault Resources web page provides UW community members impacted by sexual misconduct with resources, options and university policies and processes.

Students, faculty and staff can also report incidents of bias or suspected bias with the online CARE Team report. A Bias Support Team member will respond to your report. Reports can be submitted anonymously.

The Counseling Center provides counseling for students who have experienced trauma.  Licensed psychologists who have specialized training in working with trauma survivors can assist you in your recovery process.

Diversity Center’s mission is to advocate for and collaborate with others to support a safe and inclusive campus community where resources will promote equity and social justice for all students, advocate and support students through education, and foster student success to marginalized and underrepresented communities at the University.

The Diversity Council is an advisory body established to coordinate and guide ongoing progress in fulfilling the commitment to diversity outlined in the mission statement and identified as a priority through UW Bothell's strategic planning processes.

CASARV was formed to guide UW Bothell in building better and more centrally coordinated infrastructure for reducing and responding to sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence and stalking.  CASARV is a subcommittee of the Diversity Council.

OE/HR can assist staff and faculty who have experienced sexual misconduct in the workplace.

UW CareLink connects faculty and staff with experts who help you or your family members navigate life’s challenges. You get free, confidential access to guidance consultants who provide: counseling, legal advice, financial guidance, elder care assistance, work-life solutions, consultation for managers, critical and traumatic incident response services, departmental trainings and workshops.

Campus Safety provides a variety of services to support students, staff and faculty including safety escorts, safety planning for campus members who have an order of protection, and assistance in reporting.

If you see something, say something!