Expect respect at UW Bothell


Dear Campus Community,
As a follow-up on my remarks at Wednesday’s community gathering, I want to reiterate the importance of one of our university’s core values, inclusive culture.
Every person who walks onto this campus must be valued and respected. Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in our identity and the way we engage our community. If you come to this campus, you should expect respect. If you come to this campus, you are also expected to respect others – wherever you are on this campus. This expectation isn’t just about tolerance. It is about understanding each other’s experiences, each other’s cultures, each other’s perspectives. We will not have it any other way.
Recent incidents on our campus have caused some students to feel unsafe. Posters for specific group events have been defaced; unwelcoming statements have been made to international students, and Muslim students have been made to feel unsafe. Our CARE Team has already followed up, and campus safety is investigating. These incidents on our campus are, unfortunately, a reflection of what is taking place throughout the world due to the actions of groups who are intent on sowing fear and hate. This behavior will not be tolerated on the UW Bothell campus.

Our Muslim students make us stronger as a university, both inside and outside the classroom. They, like our international students and all students who step onto this campus with their own experiences, are part of the UW Bothell tapestry that brings a richness to our education, making us better learners and better world citizens.

Our challenge is to stand together – to stand against hate. Stand against any microaggressions or expressions of hate. Stand UP for your fellow student or your professor or staff member when you see a wrong. We want to continue building a safe and inclusive environment together. Help others understand that we are, indeed, better together.

If you see something, say something. We want you to feel safe discussing or reporting concerns. Please use any of the following resources if you need to report an incident or have concerns. I assure you, we will address the situation quickly and appropriately.

UW Bothell CARE Team
Campus Safety
Safe Campus
UW Alert
The Office of Student Affairs will send an email detailing the above services and some additional support services and activities that are planned for finals week and beyond.

I’ve also asked our human resources department to provide appropriate resource information to our faculty and staff.

As we continue our conversations on diversity and inclusion, I am committed to working together to make UW Bothell a safe and welcoming place where all of us are able to learn from each other, value each other’s experiences, and become the difference in the world.