Looking Ahead

As a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell you will impart the value of your education to your employer and whatever position you desire. You will be able to articulate the field-specific and transferrable skills you bring with you. And you will be prepared to navigate culturally diverse environments with an awareness of issues in the workplace for women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ colleagues.

It is our task at UW Bothell to build your ability to do all of the following:

  • Write and tailor a resume to a specific opportunity, build and sustain a professional network, and conduct excellent job interviews.
  • Understand what types of careers exist and how to explore these options.
  • Appreciate and apply the skills gained through leadership, research, community service, internships, and other co-curricular and curricular experiences at UW Bothell.
  • Communicate concisely about your talents, strengths, values, transferrable skills, and experiences in ways that align with various industries and career options.
  • Create a professional online identity.

Lifelong learning

As a UW Bothell graduate, you will leave the university with the ability to think critically, and to address new problems with creativity, thoughtful analysis and research. These are the tools for lifelong learning—which is absolutely crucial for reinvention and success:

  • Analytical reasoning demonstrated through the ability to do research—broadly defined as defining a problem (or research question); gathering, analyzing and synthesizing information or data to address the problem; and presenting those findings.
  • Critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and analysis that can be applied to new ideas in settings with people of diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Knowledge of how to learn, including awareness of the process of learning; confidence that you can repeat the process in the future to gain expertise in new areas; and awareness of both formal and informal resources for lifelong learning.
  • A sense of curiosity, possibility, creativity, and empowerment around seeking and pursuing new opportunities and challenges such as advanced degrees, new careers, new technologies, or new interests.


As a UW Bothell graduate you will also have the skills needed to take on leadership roles in your careers and communities. True leadership is not conferred by job titles or privilege, but by collaborative team work, principled self-awareness, accountability, collegiality, organizational commitment, and a future-oriented, entrepreneurial spirit. As leaders, you will have:

  • Confidence in navigating the transition from UW Bothell to creative and meaningful engagement within diverse communities and work teams.
  • Knowledge of how to find and use your voice in ways that influence the communities and organizations in which you live and work.