General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 04/29/2009

General Faculty Organization Meeting
April 29, 2009 3:30 pm, UW2 005

Chair:  Dan Jaffe

Present:  Colin Danby, Bill Erdly, Karen Gourd, Jeanne Heuving, Steve Holland, Chuck Jackels, Pamela Joseph, Gray Kochhar Lindgren, Bruce Kochis, Andrea Kovalesky, Pete Nye, Marc Servetnick, Suzanne Sikma, Mike Stiber, Linda Watts and Alan Wood

Guests: Marilyn Cox, Kelly Snyder, Andreas Brockhaus

Dan started the meeting thanking the faculty for their support of GFO and showing a presentation of Professor Kelvin Sung's work with students at UWB in computer animation.

Business items

1. GFO Executive Committee report - Chuck Jackels, Vice Chair of the GFO

Chuck reported the activities of the GFO Councils and Committees over the last academic year.  The acknowledged the work of the Executive Council, the Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure and Faculty Affairs, the Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum and the Instructional and Research Support Committee.   He thanked the members for their hard work and dedication to the GFO and UWB.   He thanked Barb Van Sant, the GFO administrative support for her contributions to the GFO.  He also reminded the faculty that GFO elections are close at hand and asked faculty give consideration to serving as GFO Vice Chair for the coming year. 

Issues that the EC worked on over the last academic year:

Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure and Faculty Affairs Issues

Instructional and Research Support Issues

EC review of New Degrees

Admission Issues

Organizational Issues

2. AY 09-11 budget and budget implications

Dan and Chuck made ice cream using liquid nitrogen, it was greatly enjoyed.

Enrollment growth

Freshmen applications

1134 Up 74% from last year

Freshmen admits

861 Up 90% from last year

Freshmen confirmed enrollments

227 Up 103% from last year

Transfer applications

670 Up 32% from last year

3. Success in capital funding for UW3 design!

CUSP review-significance and how to participate

GFO elections for next year held in May for GFO Vice and CCPTFA: process and how to nominate

Jeanne Heuving read two excerpts from her book "Incapacity".

Raffle of dinner and wine
Pam Joseph won a bottle of Merlot and Karen Gourd won a dinner for two at Pen Thai Resturant.

 The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm