General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 10/30/2002

October 30, 2002, 3:30 pm UW1 220

Present: Mary Abrums, Mary Baroni, James Burton, Paul Collins, Jane Decker, Nives Dolsak, JoLynn Edwards, Mike Gillespie, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jacoby, Patricia Kelley, Ron Krabill, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Carole Kubota, Kathleen Martin, Anne Peterson, Heidi Petry, Michael Stiber, Kelvin Sung, Erin Talbott, Elizabeth Thomas, Linda Watts, Taylor Webb, Carol Zander.

Visitor: Warren Buck

Welcome - Carole Kubota

GFO Chair, Carole Kubota welcomed everyone to the first GFO meeting of the 2002 academic year.

Introductory Remarks - Chancellor Warren Buck and Interim Vice Chancellor Jane Decker

This meeting was held a few days after President McCormick submitted his resignation to become President of Rutger's University. Therefore, Chancellor Buck's comments mainly centered around this event. He intimated to the group that Lee Huntsman will be named Interim President for the UW; this will be voted on Friday, November 1, 2002. David Thorud, an ex-history professor, will become Acting Provost.

The Regents will initiate a search for the new president. Warren has made a suggestion that the UW President also have the title of Chancellor. He assured us that this search will not affect our campus negatively.

Interim Vice Chancellor Jane Decker discussed the importance of the GFO and how, through shared governance, the faculty plays a leadership and guiding role in all 3 campuses, UWB, UWS and UWT. She stressed the need for a strong General Faculty Organization, working collegially with the administration and staff, in order to achieve UW, Bothell's mission. Jane welcomed new faculty as active members to the GFO and offered the administration's support to the faculty. She acknowledged that, though there are budgetary challenges in the new biennium, the campus is gearing up to meet these challenges. She would like to increase faculty membership in Academic Council which should help make the Council more independent and effective in advising the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Professor Dan Jacoby pointed out that the deadline was fast approaching for creating new programs for 2005-2007. Jane Decker agreed and said that the schedule for the new program planning cycle for the next 4 years will be distributed soon.

Meet our new faculty - Carole Kubota

This year, new faculty members were asked to submit a short biography. These biographies were consolidated and presented to the group. The biographies are attached.

New faculty members (including department directors) were welcomed. Each faculty member was welcomed by a colleague in his or her program. The list of faculty members and introducers is provided below:

New professors welcomed to UWB that were not present were:

Discussion Topic - Structure and Role of the GFO, Carole Kubota

GFO Chair, Carole Kubota introduced the GFO Vice Chair, Sandeep Krishnamurthy and stated her GFO goals for 2002-2003. The goals are:

  1. Communication - increase and deepen communication links to all entities at UWB, UWS and UWT.
  2. Clarify - roles and responsibilities of EC, GFO committees and councils.
  3. Community - develop.

Members commented that this was an ambitious agenda. It was felt that as a matter of priority, the GFO should focus on item #2. The Primer on Faculty Governance at UW, Bothell is being developed and will guide the faculty in their role in leadership and shared governance. The faculty are actively participating in Shared Governance, including (but certainly not limited to) participating in advisory committees at UWB and UWS, the Tri-Campus Council, UW Faculty Senate and the Senate Executive Council. Carole stressed that currently the GFO Meeting (GFOM) is the forum for all UWB faculty to come together to discuss and debate important issues and topics during the year. However, because of heavy teaching commitments and service loads, energy resources and time are spread thin. She noted that the faculty will need to decide how to proceed to shape the GFO so that it can continue to be an effective force for governance at UWB.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant

University of Washington, Bothell
"New" Faculty Colleagues

Welcome to our "new" faculty colleagues:

Dr. Andrea Anderson, Education
I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Education. I was born and raised in Seattle, although I took a slight five-year detour to the "other Washington." While there I directed a Teacher Educators Network for science museums across the nation. Longing for the rain and gray skies (do you really believe that?) I returned to a position at UW Seattle to work with science and math teachers from surrounding districts. With grant funding from a variety of sources, I am working at UWB to help math and science teachers align their work with the new state standards. After hours I quilt, hike, garden, and enjoy "fine dining."

Dr. Mary Baroni, Director, Nursing
Mary Baroni has a PhD in Human Development & Family Studies from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), an MS in Pediatric Nursing from the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), and maintains national certification as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Her undergraduate study included Religion/Asian Studies from Oberlin College (BA) Nursing from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (BS). Dr. Baroni has taught at the University of Rochester, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Marquette University where she directed both undergraduate and graduate pediatric nursing programs. Previous administrative appointments include Director of Research, Education and Practice at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle. Specific research interests have focused on growth and development of medically fragile infants and young children and the impact of medical vulnerability on the parenting experience. Teaching interests include human growth & development, interdisciplinary education, advanced practice nursing and the essential interface between education, practice and research within the context of a clinical discipline.

Dr. Steve Holland, Director, Business
Steve Holland has taught at the University of Kentucky, the University of Michigan, the University of Colorado, and Southwest Texas State University and served as Economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Previous administrative appointments include Vice President of the Economics Institute at the University of Colorado and Chair of the Department of Finance and Economics at Southwest Texas State University. His primary teaching and research interest is financial economics and his publications dealing with inflation, interest rates, and real estate have appeared in such journals as American Economic Review; Journal of Business; Review of Economics and Statistics; Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; Real Estate Economics; and Economic Inquiry.

Dr. Patricia Kelley, Business
Patricia C. Kelley joined the business faculty as an assistant professor in management effective January 2002. She received both her MBA and DBA from Boston University. Her teaching and research interests lie primarily in business strategy and its intersection with political strategy. She has also conducted research in corporate crime, ethics, and stakeholder management. Patricia is an active member of both the Academy of Management and the International Association for Business and Society.

Dr. Ron Krabill, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
I'm originally from northern Indiana, but have lived on both the East and West coasts as well as overseas for the past 15 years. I'm coming most recently from New York City, where I completed my graduate work at the New School for Social Research in sociology and historical studies and taught at Eugene Lang College and St. John's University. The focus of my research has been the impact of television on politics and identities in late-apartheid South Africa. My overall research interests fall into two broad areas: electronic media and their impact on social life and action, particularly politics, and the interactions of the state, the military, and civil society. I'm also interested in developing my research in directions beyond the academy to include various community leaders and media and public policy practitioners.

Dr. Kari Lerum, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
I'm essentially a Northwest native, having moved here from the Midwest when I was 6 when my father took a faculty job at Pacific Lutheran University. I received my BA from PLU (carefully avoiding my father's classes) and my MA/Ph.D. from University of Washington. I am trained in sociology, and I practice a sort of old-style American sociology ' a more philosophical, qualitative, and "radical" discipline than is common today ' mixed with a variety of more "cutting edge" social theory and methods. I am generally interested in the connections between culture, power, and sexuality (with a focus on service work and sex work). I'm also currently thinking a lot about the usefulness of visual methods in the production of data and theory, both in my own research and in my student's assignments. I live in Columbia City (south Seattle) with my partner Raine (a grad student at UW), our 2 year old daughter Ry, and two slightly demented cats. Not living with us but also part of the family is my 20 year old stepdaughter who is hoping to start attending UWS next quarter.

Dr. Jerelyn Resnick, Nursing
My name is Jerelyn Resnick. I finished my Ph.D. in Education at UW Seattle in August 2002. I am a lecturer in the nursing program. I was a TA in the nursing program for the past two years and learned quite a lot from the staff and faculty of that program. It was such a positive experience that I decided to pursue a faculty career. My research interests include gender, adolescent health, community health, curriculum and instruction and student assessment. I have one dog, named Max. He is part poodle and part West Highland Terrier (Westie). This means he has lovely loose curls in some places and silky hair in other places. If the dog books are to be believed, he gets his silliness from the poodle side and the habit of crawling into tiny spaces from the Westie side. I grew up in Iowa, have lived in Spain and El Salvador, and have been in the Puget Sound area since 1983.

Dr. Erin Talbott
After receiving my Master's of Science in Marketing from Virginia Tech in May of 2000, my husband, my three-legged dog Tica and I set off for the scenic pacific northwest. We have really enjoyed Seattle and the surrounding areas over the past year, indulging in passtimes such as hiking, camping, and biking. We are expecting our first baby in late November, so it is easy to identify me around UWB! I am delighted to be working as an adjunct faculty member in the business program here, and have found everyone to be quite welcoming. I plan to pursue my PhD in Marketing in the near future (after diapers?). My research interests include consumer decision making, modality effects on persuasion, intertemporal choice, and risk in decision making. I have published papers in Advances in Consumer Research and European Advances in Consumer Research under my maiden name, Sandgathe. I have truly enjoyed presenting at conferences in Jouy-en-Josas, France and in Cincinnati, Ohio at INFORMS, among others. Attending conferences and presenting ideas are one of my favorite things. I have also worked on a grant for the Air Force Research Laboratory concerning interactive decision making. I am currently teaching courses in Marketing Research and Consumer Marketing in the Business Administration program. I am also a huge Virginia Tech Hokies football fan, who are having a great season so far this year - go hokies!

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
I am pleased to join my new colleagues at UWB as an Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. My accent betrays my Southern background - I grew up in Arkansas and spent the last few years there, working in community mental health and teaching at a small liberal arts college. I lived in Washington, D.C. as an undergraduate, where I became very interested in the visual arts, politics, and Georgetown basketball. I am still exploring the role of the arts in community life, and I am a huge college basketball fan. My graduate work was in the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I met my husband in Illinois and learned to appreciate the prairie landscape - especially when it was covered with snow. I am interested in community and cultural psychology, and my research focuses on the quality of community resources for adolescent development.

Dr. P. Taylor Webb, Education
P. Taylor Webb grew up in the Bay Area and rooted for the San Francisco Giants whenever he could. Go Giants! After graduating from Cal, he moved to Denver, Colorado and taught elementary and middle school for six years. After his middle school experiences, Taylor decided to go back to school. He completed his doctorate at the University of Washington, Seattle in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies. His graduate studies focused on areas of teacher education, educational policy, organizational politics, and school reform. His recent focus is to help teachers obtain leadership roles during school renewal efforts within complex local, state, and federal policy environments. He is a new father of a four-week old boy, Owen. He enjoys hiking, ceramics, and playing "keep-away" with his dog.