Marketing Concentration

The Marketing concentration focuses on developing coordinated programs to successfully manage a company's relationship with its target customers in order to meet its strategic goals in a competitive environment. Students concentrating in marketing obtain a solid foundation in the basic disciplines essential for understanding consumer and organizational buying patterns. They also acquire practical experience in the application of these concepts and methods via hands-on courses and a capstone course. Many students who concentrate in marketing go on to work in brand management, sales, marketing research and consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Twenty credits in 400-level marketing courses are required for the Marketing Concentration, including two required courses and two elective courses (five credits each).


All students in the Bachelors Degree Program start out in the introductory marketing course, BBUS 320 - Introduction to Marketing Management. This course is a prerequisite to all other Marketing courses in the program.

Required Courses

  • BBUS 423 - Marketing Research
  • BBUS 438 - Marketing Management Laboratory

Elective Courses

Minimum of two required.

  • BBUS 421 - Consumer Marketing
  • BBUS 426 - International Marketing
  • BBUS 427 – Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • BBUS 429 - Special Topics in Marketing
  • BBUS 431 - Electronic Marketing
  • BBUS 461 - Business, Government, and Society
  • BBUS 462 - Negotiations & Conflict Management
  • BBUS 464 - New Product Marketing
  • BBUS 471 - Entrepreneurial Management
  • BBUS 476 - New Technology & Future Markets
  • BBUS 490 - Special Topics (check quarterly time schedule for concentration approval)
  • BBUS 491 - Business Consulting