Surcharge For 19 Credits and Above

If you are registered for more than 18 credits, you are charged additional tuition (a surcharge) for each credit over 18. If you make changes to your class schedule after the first week of the quarter which lowers your credit load below 18 credits, you are charged one-half the cost of the surcharge. The surcharge for each credit above 18 will not be reduced for classes dropped after the 30th day of the quarter.

Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee is designed to provide funds for the improvement of technology used by students at UW Bothell. The UW Bothell Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) determines the expenditures of the fee. Students of UW Bothell lead the committee and the committee allocates money for technology resources for general student use, pursuant to RCW 28B.15.051 and the agreement between the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB), and the Board of Regents.

Sports and Recreation Complex Fee

The Sports and Recreation Complex fee is designed to provide funds for the construction of the Sports and Recreation Complex and the implementation of the Intramural and Club Sport program on campus. ASUWB proposed the construction and implementation of the Sports and Recreation Complex and students on the Services and Activities Fee (SAF) approved the proposal on May 20, 2011. SAF determines the expenditures of the fee.

Services & Activities Fee

Services and Activities Fees are derived from a portion of students’ quarterly tuition and are mandated by state law to be spent on student activities and programs. The money is allocated by a committee of students appointed by the Chancellor. Funded programs include (but are not limited to) the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC), student government, the student newspaper, Career Services, etc. (complete SAF bylaws).

Related Fees

In addition to tuition, you may be charged related fees such as course fees or lab fees associated with a specific course. Such fees will be cancelled if the related course is dropped by the 14th calendar day of the quarter. For courses dropped after the 14th day of the quarter, application for refund must be made to the academic department.

International Student Fee

All enrolled undergraduate and graduate students on any type of U.S. visa (for example F, J, H, TN, E, or L) are required to pay this $45 quarterly fee. The fee must still be paid if the student withdraws from classes.