Withdrawing for Autumn, Winter, or Spring

Autumn, Winter & Spring Quarter

It is your responsibility to withdraw if you are unable to attend for the quarter. Failure to attend a class or notifying the instructor that you wish to drop the class does not constitute an official withdrawal from the course. Through the end of the Unrestricted Drop Period, you may withdraw by dropping all of your courses on MyUW. Beginning the first day of the Late Course Drop period through the last day of instruction, you must withdraw using the Adviser Assisted Drop Process.

If you drop your last course and do not add another course you will be considered withdrawn for the quarter. Beginning the eighth calendar day of the quarter, if you drop your last course you will be charged a Change of Registration service fee plus any tuition forfeiture.

No withdrawals are accepted after the last day of instruction.

Please review the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines. 

Transcript Entries

If you withdraw from a quarter during the first two weeks, the courses for that quarter are not recorded on your UW transcript; however, the date of the withdrawal is recorded. After this deadline, a course will be listed on an undergraduate’s transcript with an RD.


Students who withdraw may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter depending on the time of the quarter the withdrawal is completed.

Tuition owed is based upon the date the withdrawal is recorded by the Registration Office, i.e., the date that the last course is dropped.

Withdrawal by International Students

In general, U.S. law requires F-1 students to be registered full-time. This is defined as at least:

  • 12 credits each quarter for undergraduate students
  • 10 credits each quarter for graduate students

Review the Center for International Education Enrollment Requirements webpage for more information about possible legal exceptions to this requirement.

Withdrawal by Newly Admitted Students

Withdrawal from any quarter prior to the first day of the quarter for a newly admitted student invalidates your status as a continuing student. You must submit a new admission application by the published closing date for each quarter. 

Withdrawal for Two Consecutive Quarters

Undergraduate students who withdraw during the first week of two consecutive quarters will not be eligible to register as a continuing student for the third quarter. You must fill out a Returning Student Request form to return to the University.