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Online Registration Steps

  1. Login to MyUW.
  2. Select “Register using SLN Codes” from the Quick Links menu.
  3. Open the Time Schedule to see course offerings, availability and other course registration restrictions. Use it in tandem with the registration page to register for your classes.
  4. Confirm your address, which includes directory release settings, emergency contact fields, and UW Alert sign-up, parent/family-member contact fields
  5. Acknowledge pre-registration notices, which includes information about voter registration, file-sharing/copyright infringement, campus security, UPASS, UW Financial Responsibility Agreement, and notification of rights under FERPA.
  6. Insurance/Optional charges, which includes questions about student health insurance and ASUWB. You must complete the acknowledgements (#2) before you can see these questions.
  7. Enter the SLN (a five digit course number found in the Time Schedule) in the appropriate field on the Web Registration Form.
  8. Enter an Add Code or Faculty Number (if one is required, otherwise leave blank). Add codes are generally available from the advising office of the offering department or from the instructor of the course.
  9. Enter the credit agree upon between you and the course instructor or advisor, otherwise leave blank. For courses offered with variable credit.
  10. Select Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory if you do not want to take this course for a numerical grade. This option is not available for courses offered Credit/No Credit Only. Check with your advisor regarding any departmental restrictions or graduation requirements before selecting the S/NS grading option.

Registration Tips

Registration opens at 6 am on your scheduled registration date during Period 1. Register early for the best selection of classes. You can adjust your schedule at any time through the first week of classes.

  • Remember, you must register for at least one class before the quarter begins or you will be subject to a $25 late registration fee.
  • Connect with your academic advisor before selecting your courses or use the degree auditing (DARS) system to make sure you are taking the right courses for your degree plan.
  • Obtain entry codes or submit course enrollment requests from the appropriate program office for any courses requiring entry codes (indicated with a “>” in front of the SLN).
  • Take care of all university financial obligations.

The system will not permit you to register if there is a hold on your registration. Once you have initially registered, you can log in to MyUW as often as you want to check the status of sections, view your confirmed schedule, add or drop courses, or check your account balance.

For information about Course Overloads, Entry/Add Codes, Time Conflicts, Prerequisites, and more, please go to Registration Course Fundamentals.

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