An undergraduate student is placed on academic warning at the end of any quarter (except for the first quarter at the University, when an academic alert is issued) in which his or her cumulative GPA falls below 2.00. The student remains on warning until the cumulative GPA is raised to at least 2.00. If this requires more than one quarter’s work, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of at least 2.00 each succeeding quarter or the student is dropped. Students are notified by the Office of the Registrar of their drop status after quarterly grades post.

Reinstatement Policy Flowcharts

Steps for reinstatement

  1. The student contacts the academic program they were associated with when dropped. Pre-Major students work with the Pre-Major Advising Office. If the student makes initial contact with Admissions or the Office of the Registrar, the student will be directed to their last academic program of record.
  2. The undergraduate academic program adviser discusses with the student their goals. Students wanting reinstatement into the same academic program will follow the reinstatement process of their academic program. Students wishing to pursue an undergraduate program different from when they were dropped apply for Readmission to the new program: proceed to Step #4.
  3. Undergraduate academic program decides about reinstatement. The student is notified of the decision.
  • If Reinstatement is approved, a copy of the Reinstatement form is forwarded to the Registrar for record-keeping and updating student status. If the student has not attended for two quarters (Quarter Off Eligibility policy), they must submit a Returning Student Request Form.
  • If Reinstatement is not approved, the student should follow the advice of the academic program adviser.

4. Students wishing to be reinstated and change to another major:

  • Students away for one quarter or less, wanting to return to UWB in a different program, will utilize the internal UWB student application. Students should have prerequisite coursework completed and be able to demonstrate academic or personal success. Success may be demonstrated through a variety of methods:
  1. Additional college coursework since attending UWB;
  2. Time away (as defined by each program) from UWB with life changes that promote success; changes may include updates in personal health and well-being, increased motivation and sense of purpose, clearly defined goals with a developed plan of action, an improved living situation, or other criteria as defined by the program.
  • Students away for two or more quarters, as defined by the Quarter Off Eligibility policy, wanting to return to UWB in a different program, will use the Returning Student Request Form. They must be re-admitted into the major they were in when last attending (essentially being reinstated to the University at the same time). However, they may submit an internal application to change to a new major at the next available opportunity.

For all students seeking reinstatement

Students should have prerequisite coursework completed and be able to demonstrate academic or personal success through additional college coursework since attending UWB or time away from UWB with life changes that promote sucess.


A best practice is for an undergraduate student to pursue reinstatement at least one quarter in advance of anticipated return. This allows adequate time to navigate the reinstatement process, receive advising, and register in a timely manner for a smooth return.