ACCESS Program

The University of Washington Bothell waives tuition for Washington residents if you are sixty years or older, and wish to attend classes as an auditing student. You may enroll as an ACCESS student and attend class with the permission of the instructor (beginning the first class day) if space is available.

Since you are auditing the course(s), you do not receive credit and are not expected to do any class work, participate in discussions, or take examinations. Your registration may be canceled at the discretion of the instructor. You may register for all UW Bothell courses except laboratory courses. You may register in 500 level graduate courses with the approval of the instructor by obtaining an entry code through the department. A transcript is not maintained. You may take up to two courses per quarter.

Courses marked with a greater than sign (>) require an entry code to register.

  • Contact the offering department to obtain entry codes

How to Register

Submit the registration form online on the third day of the quarter. Registration ends at 5:00 p.m. on the fifth day of the quarter. Processing Access forms and registration will not begin until Wednesday and classes are not guaranteed.


A $5.00 registration fee plus a prorated Technology Fee is due on the tuition due date. The Registration Fee is non-refundable if you register for a course and later withdraw.


Online ACCESS Registration Form

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