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Applying to Graduate

Your degree is not automatically awarded when you have satisfied all general university graduation requirements and the requirements for your major. In order to officially graduate and receive your diploma, you must submit a graduation application.

It is important to remember that participating in the Commencement Ceremony and graduating are two separate events. You must both apply to graduate and register to walk at Commencement. Walking at Commencement does not mean you have officially graduated.

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Undergraduate Students


Applications should be submitted three quarters before expected date of graduation.

The absolute deadline for submitting an application is the third Friday of the quarter in which the student intends to graduate. Students graduating in Summer quarter that plan to attend the Commencement ceremony must meet the Spring quarter application deadline.

Please go to the Academic Calendar for all of the Graduation Application and Graduating Senior Priority registration deadlines. Be sure to meet with your adviser, to ensure that your application is completed prior to the deadline dates.

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Steps to Apply

  1. Schedule an appointment with your program adviser.
  2. You both will complete the graduation application together online.
  3. If you have more than one option, major, or degree, you will need to submit a graduation application for each one
  4. You will receive an email asking you to click on a link and verify the application information. Your application is not considered submitted until you verify the information, so it is important that you look for the email and follow the instructions. If you are submitting multiple applications, you will be asked to verify each one, so be sure to look for the emails.

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Graduating Senior Priority

Once you apply, you may be eligible for Graduating Senior Priority registration.

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Graduate Students

Steps to Apply

  • Review the Graduate School’s graduation dates and deadlines.
  • Schedule an appointment with your program advisor.

You must submit your master’s degree request online. You may submit a request from the first day of the quarter you expect to graduate until the Sunday of the ninth week of the quarter you expect to graduate. If degree requirements are not met in the requested quarter, you must submit another degree request for the quarter in which you expect to complete requirements. Your school may require an earlier request submission date; please consult your program advisor.

If you have additional questions, please contact contact Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) at or 206-685-2630.

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