Your Brain on Art

a Discovery Core Experience

B CORE 110 (Natural Sciences) or B CORE 104 (Arts & Humanities)

About This Course

In this class we will review those aspects of neurobiology that support a person’s ability to appreciate aesthetic experiences (art for sure; sunsets, flowers, landscapes, architecture, food, etcetera).

What Will We Study?

We will study the history of art and of aesthetic theory with a mostly Eurocentric perspective given the available literature. We will also discuss evolution and its possible influence on art and aesthetics.

Why Should I Take This Class?

By taking this class I hope that you will develop a deep sense of how we experience the world, especially its beauty. You will also learn some basic neurobiology, a little bit of art and art history, each fascinating topics in their own right

Professor Pierre Mourad, PhD (he/him/his)

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

About Professor Mourad

  • Division of Engineering and Mathematics
  • Department of Neurological Surgery
  • Department of Bioengineering (Adjunct)
  • Applied Physics Laboratory (Affiliate)