Film & TV Representations, Stereotyping & Health Consequences

Discovery Core Experience

BCORE 104 (Arts & Humanities)

About This Course

In this class, “Film & TV Representations, Stereotyping and Health Consequences ,” we first examine scholarship that explores representation in Film and TV of marginalized and underrepresented peoples and the mechanisms for how these drive and reinforce harmful stereotypes, discrimination and racism.

The second part of class focuses on how these representations might impact the health and well-being of marginalized peoples.

The third part is student driven, as students working in groups choose a film or TV show to assess negative stereotypes, how they are represented etc… and then we would finish off by writing or story boarding a short script that specifically counters stereotypes.

Professor Jason Daniel-Ulloa (he/him/his)

School of Nursing & Health Studies


Jason Daniel-Ulloa earned an MPH in Health Promotion and a PhD in Health Behavior Science at San Diego State University. Then as a postdoc with UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University and then the University of Iowa, he trained to apply principles of CBPR into research and practice with rural Latinx. He started teaching at San Diego Mesa College and San Diego State University as a PhD student and has since taught at University of Iowa in the College of Public Health and the Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies and recently at UW for Health Services (Seattle) and Education (Tacoma).


  • San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, Ph.D. Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health
  • San Diego State University, MPH
  • San Diego State University, BA in Psychology
  • San Diego Mesa Community College, AA in Psychology