Time Traveling Through Experiential Learning that Spans the Natural World, Art and Civics

Discovery Core Experience: VLPA Course

timetraveling.jpgB CORE 104

60-Second Syllabus: Time Traveling through Experiential Learning That Spans the Natural World, Art and Civics 

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This course explores stories told about the world around us. Students become time travelers in this course through experiential learning that spans the natural world, art, and civics. Just like Instagram or Tik Tok organizes and archives our visual and performance experiences, students in this class will enter the basements of institutions that curate everything from dead bumblebees to dusty newspapers. Institutional record keepers we visit include the Henry Art Museum, Burke Museum of Natural and Cultural History, and UW Suzzallo Library. We ask: What records do we keep (and who is “we”)? How do we explain absences in archives and marginalization through archives? What happens to the records of a bumblebee, a newspaper, or the student’s social media of choice? As our class explores together, we center student knowledge through their real and imagined archives. Through course readings and video, as well as the off-campus visits, students see how people across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences creatively describe gaps in archives. This team-taught Discovery Core course is perfect for students who learn best through innovative, in-depth, and engaged learning moments in and out of the classroom.

Professor Kristin Gustafson (She/Her/Hers)

Headshot of Kristin GustafsonAbout Professor Gustafson: 

  • Ph.D. Communication, University of Washington
  • M.A. Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
  • B.A. English and Women’s Studies, St. Olaf College


  • Office: UW1-142
  • Email: gustaf13@uw.edu

"I encourage students to ask questions, seek evidence, explore complexity, engage with communities, evaluate and create media, and contribute to the world as responsible citizens." -Professor Gustafson

Professor Amy Lambert (She/Her/Hers)

Headshot  of Amy LambertAbout Professor Lambert: 

  • B.F.A. Visual Arts, Florida State University
  • M.S. Restoration Ecology, University of Washington
  • Ph.D. Conservation Biology, University of Washington


  • Office: HH-1316
  • Phone: 425-352-3703
  • Email: lambea@uw.edu

"As an instructor, I strive to encourage student resilience by providing every student with a firm grounding in basic concepts, opportunities to investigate real-world problems using an interdisciplinary approach and give students the tools they need to critically evaluate material in classroom and field settings." -Professor Lambert