Space Utilization Policy

Space types

  • Reception Area – this is the first point of contact for students and others seeking assistance from the Center. Student and professional staff will welcome, greet, assist, schedule rooms, and provide information to students and guests.
  • Community Room – this area cannot be reserved. This space is designed to allow students to drop in and hang out with each other (i.e., chat, study, relax, eat your lunch, etc.).
  • Multi-Purpose Room – this space can be reserved for larger gatherings. The room will work well for workshops, training sessions, or small receptions. When not reserved, the space is used for students to work collaboratively with others on projects.
  • Meeting Rooms – Four Meeting Rooms, a Conference Room, and the IDEA Project Room can be reserved by students through the completion of the on-line request form.
  • Staff Offices – will allow professional staff to have conversations with students to provide support, resources, services, and referrals in a comfortable and private space.

Student reservations

Student clubs, organizations, or student(s) may request a reservation for space by completing the online request form. The online form allows for room requests on a one-time or ongoing basis. Reservations can be made for the current quarter. Quarterly reservations will open up 2 weeks prior to the start of the next academic quarter. Rooms will be reserved on a first come basis.

Reserved room space may also be used on a same day basis with no reservation. That is, if you stop by the Center and a room that can be reserved is not, you or your group may request to use that space for a set period of time, not exceeding two hours. If a reserved room is not occupied by the reserving party within the first 15 minutes of the reservation they forfeit the space to a first come, first served basis.

Affiliate Status

An Affiliated Club or Organization means that the Club/Organization and the Center mutually agree they have similar missions, purpose, and/or goals.

Advantage of Affiliate Status

The advantage of seeking Affiliation Status allows the Club/Organization officers to make a reservation on the on-line form and skip the short answers section explaining the purpose and goals for the reservation.

How to Seek Affiliate Status

An officer of the club or organization will send an email to the Center Director, or appointed designee, describing how your Club or Organization goals are consistent with the Center’s goals and purpose or by attaching your Clubs Constitution to the email. The Center Director or appointed designee will respond to your request within 10 business days of your email request.

Appeal Process

If the Center staff decide your meeting or event is not in alignment with the mission and roles of the Center, staff will notify you that your reservation will not be granted and the reason for denial. Students who believe the staff have not accurately evaluated their reservation request have 10 business days to appeal this decision from the date of the staff decision email. The appeal will be reviewed by the Center student advisory board. The student advisory board meets once every two weeks. The decision of the student advisory board is final.