Replacing a Husky Card

A nonrefundable fee of $25 is charged for replacement Husky Cards due to loss, theft, damage, name and photo changes.

Replacing a Husky Card


Please email to have your replacement card mailed to you. Include your name, Student ID number, mailing address, and reason for replacement. The non-refundable replacement card fee is $25 and the charge will be added to your student account.

Faculty & staff

Please email for instructions on how to obtain your replacement card.

Replacing a Husky Card that includes a U-PASS

There is no additional fee to replace the U-PASS. The U-PASS will be automatically active on your replacement card within 24–48 hours of obtaining the replacement. Contact UW Transportation Services for additional questions about the U-PASS.

Replacing a Husky Card that contains money

If your Husky Card is lost or stolen and you have money in your Husky Card Account or dining account, immediately go to the Online Card Office to report your card lost/stolen and suspend activity on your account.

Taking care of a Husky Card

It is important to take proper care of your Husky Card. Don’t bend or punch a hole anywhere on your card. The RFID chip and antenna can be damaged, requiring a replacement.

The Husky Card is the property of UW and is not transferable. Allowing others to use your Husky Card is a serious misuse of the card and, as such, subjects you to disciplinary action as described in the University of Washington Student Conduct Code.