Who to contact

Determining who to contact can be confusing.  Both offices work out of the Residential Life office in Husky Hall 1510.  Here is a breakdown to help you find your best path forward!  

Contact Residential Life for:

  • Front Desk Services
  • Community programming
  • Education and mentorship
  • Roommate issues and other concerns
  • Policy enforcement
  • On call 24/7 for urgent issues

Contact information

Contact Capstone Management for:

  • Leasing and occupancy management
  • Maintainance and work orders
  • Facilities operation
  • Charges and fees
  • Termination and appeals
  • Parking passes

Contact information

We're here to help

Email is currently the best method of contact us. To help us respond to you without delay, please include your full name, student number, and your UW NetID. 

After hours support

For assistance after hours, residents may contact your RA on Duty at 206-245-5538.

Address formatting

Want to order take-out or have groceries delivered? Family want to send you a package? Check out the front desk services page for more info.

Residential Life professional staff team

Treyton Howell

Resident Director Operations  


Afton Lopez

Afton Lopez

Student Support Specialist 

Karan Sandhu

Karan Sandhu

Resident Director Residential Education 


Katie Horowitz



Mary Toll

Assistant Director

Emergency Lines

In cases of emergency, residents should call 911.

If you have questions (that are not an emergency) or want to have a safety escort across campus, Campus Safety can assist you at 425-352-5359 or