Events & fundraisers

The popular events that General Staff Organization hosts include the Staff Appreciation Party, the poinsettia sale, and the holiday potluck. The GSO is always looking for volunteers to help run events so if you'd like to get engaged, please contact!

2017 Staff breakfast

The annual staff appreciation party is an event that is co-hosted by the General Staff Organization (GSO) and Organization Excellence & Human Resources. The goal is to make staff members feel appreciated for their hard work; staff enjoy food together and receive awards for their years of service with the university. 

This year the staff appreciation party was held in Mobius hall where a catered breakfast was served to 200 staff members.The UW Bothell news team wrote an article that recaps the event and references the Tagboard for #uwbstaff and the award winner Christine Straight who won the 2017 Staff Appreciation Award. Enjoy the image gallery below from the event held on August 22, 2017. 

2017 Staff Appreciation Breakfast

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