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CSS Technical Advisory Board (TAB)CSS Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

TAB began the 2020-2021 academic year connecting with the new dean, Leslie Cornick, discussing CSS faculty and student remote teaching and learning experiences, as well as the new normal we need to prepare for in industry and academia. During the meeting the TAB voted to incorporate student representatives into future meetings. Everyone agreed that students would be a valuable perspective to the alumni and industry representatives already on the board. Board members and representatives from their companies have been active over the last year working with students on capstone projects, lecturing in classes, teaching and supporting a variety of other activities. The plan for 2020-2021 is to increase our CSS-industry strategic collaborations. Contact Professor of Practice Arnie Lund with inquires at

Eric BrechnerIdea Competition explores STEM education in 2040 and beyond

Eric Brechner, affiliate professor and principal group engineering manger at Microsoft is one of 25 Idea Competition winners of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine National Symposium on Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education. The competition explored what undergraduate STEM education should look in in 2040 and beyond to meet the needs of students, science and society and how one might prepare. Ideas from the symposium are published and shared broadly, with the intention of driving change in post-secondary STEM education and influencing NSF funding priorities. View Eric Brechner's submission statement and video under the winners tab.

EyechartsSecond EYE Center research grant in 2020

sociate Professor Bill Erdly has received a $50,000 grant to continue his research in developing new technologies to detect and treat vision problems that inhibit a child’s ability to read and learn. He recently virtually attended the 2020 Global Sight Initiative Conference where this research was one of five world-wide projects featured and granted an additional $50,000. This grant brings this years funding to $175,000 in just the past year from the SEVA Foundation, a global nonprofit eye care organization based in Berkeley, California. Read the UW Bothell story on the first grant aimed at putting vision screening on wheels. Fast forward to today, the 30-foot trailer is on hold given the pandemic, but design specifications are complete and medical equipment is being ordered. Plans to establish an official center and be the first to offer clinical services at UW Bothell are also underway. Stay tuned for an update on their new website launching in February 2021.

Man at computer in a 911 center.Cybersecurity for when 911 is the emergency

Researchers at the University of Washington Bothell have received a $150,000 grant (optional second year for a total of $300,000) from the National Security Agency to model how a next-generation 911 system would operate in an emergency and react to a cybersecurity attack. Professor Mike Stiber is the principal investigator with co-investigator Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, executive director of the Center for Information Assurance & Cybersecurity at UW Bothell. Read the UW Bothell story on the next-generation 911 system.

Fire engineFirefighters can train in VR, save water

A virtual reality program developed by two Computer Science & Software Engineering majors might be used to train firefighters to run the water pump control panel on a fire engine, saving time, expense and water. Professor Kelvin Sung supervised the project, and also taught the 3D computer graphic and computer game design courses where the students learned the concepts. Read the UW Bothell story on firefighters training in VR.

Line drawing of different facesInteractive Media Design students present works

Perhaps more than other students, Interactive Media Design majors, who are skilled in using technology to create digital forms, were prepared to present their “All Possible Futures” capstone projects via teleconference. IMD Faculty Coordinator and Associate Professor David Socha applauded students for the extra effort it took to finish their projects in this time of both pandemic and political demonstrations. Read the UW Bothell article on IMD presentations during the pandemic.