Computing and Software Systems

Undergraduate Admission

Notes regarding S/NS during the pandemic

In recognition of the extraordinary circumstances during the pandemic, the University of Washington has allows current students to retroactively change their numerical grades from any designated Extraordinary Circumstances Quarter (ECQ) to S/NS (Satisfactory / Non-satisfactory) grading instead.

Unlike in normal quartes, grades of 'S' still fulfill degree requirements and prerequisites for other courses.

How does this impact CSS admissions?

For entry into all undergraduate CSS major and minor programs:

  • Internal applicants may use courses in which they earned an 'S' grade from these quarters for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs.
  • Transfer applicants may use courses from these quarters in which they earned their institution's equivalent of a "Satisfactory", "Credit", "Pass", or similar grade for any prerequisite needed to enter these programs. The credit-granting institution's definition of these grades must indicate that the student would have earned at least a 2.0 if the class had been numerically graded.

Undergraduate Programs

The Computing & Software Systems program at the University of Washington Bothell provides a wide variety of degrees that will help you enrich and develop your abilities.

To learn more about how to apply to any of our degrees, please see their Admissions pages below:

Interested in a CSS graduate program?

View the School of STEM Graduate Programs. If you are looking to switch careers to software engineering and have a bachelor's degree in a non-computing field, you can take the nine-month Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development to move into a new job or prepare you for success in graduate studies.

Undergraduate Admission Advising

All applicants are encouraged to meet with an admission advisor before applying. Currently-enrolled UW Bothell students are encouraged to contact the pertinent Division or program directly for admission questions (see the Admissions pages above). To contact the Computing & Software Systems Division directly, please call (425) 352-3746 or email

Admission to the degrees offered by the Computing & Software Systems Division is competitive. All CSS prerequisite courses (with the exception of statistics) MUST be completed by the application deadline. Applications with prerequisite courses in progress will be held without being reviewed by the Admission Committee until those grades are received. All updated transcripts must be official.

Prospective transfer students should call (425) 352-5000 or email to speak with an admission advisor. The undergraduate admissions office also provides planning worksheets for all CSS Division majors and the other majors at the University.

Undergraduate Application Deadlines

Deadlines for undergraduate majors offered by the CSS Division (except Interactive Media Design) are listed here.  Deadline information for Interactive Media Design is listed here.  For graduate program deadlines, please see the graduate program's websites linked above.

English Language Proficiency

All applicants for whom English is a non-native language must provide proof of English language proficiency.  Details are provided here.