UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Recipients Spring 2021

Congratulations to the following faculty who have received funding! The UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Program is intended to competitively support UW Bothell faculty in all disciplines who are starting new projects or relaunching current projects in new directions that have the potential for internal UW and/or external funding. We hope to continue building the research capacity and extramural support for faculty across all Schools.

A total of $260,000 was awarded to faculty and some funding was given specifically to support undergraduate researchers assisting with their mentor’s research. More funding may become available by July 1 as the 2020 SRCP award period comes to a close.

  1. Dr. Yang Peng
    Project Title: Delivery of Mobile Computing Resources for Pervasive AI Services on Edge
  2. Drs. Rachel E Scherr, Blakely Tsurusaki, and Rejoice Akapame
    Project Title: Video lessons to support equity education for university instructional assistants in STEM
  3. Dr. Afra Mashhadi
    Project Title: A Crowdsensing Platform for Ubiquitous Taste Recognition
  4. Dr. Dong Si
    Project Title: Intelligent RNA and Ligand Involved SARS-CoV-2 Supramolecular Assembly Modeling from Cryo-EM
  5. Dr. Xiahua Wei
    Project Title: The Value of Crowdfunding to Microfinance
  6. Dr. Geethapriya Thamilarasu
    Project Title: A Deep Learning Approach for ECG Authentication on Implantable Medical Devices
  7. Dr. Camelia Bejan
    Project Title: The stakeholder-corporation: a theoretical analysis
  8. Dr. Sophie Leroy
    Project Title: Reducing the performance costs of interruptions: an intervention study
  9. Dr. Jody Early
    Project Title: Creating Safer and More Equitable Workplaces for Latinx Farmworkers: Developing and Validating the First Spanish Sexual Harassment and Workplace Climate Survey for Agriculture
  10. Dr. W. Jong Yoon
    Project Title: Gizmo 2.0 – a cross-disciplinary robot for enhancing recovery after stroke-induced hemispatial neglect
  11. Dr. Kari Lerum
    Project Title: Trans & Non-Binary Sex Workers: Assessing impacts of FOSTA-SESTA & COVID-19
  12. Dr. Pietro Paparella
    Project Title: Complex Perron similarities and polynomials that preserve nonnegative matrices
  13. Dr. Jennifer Atkinson
    Project Title: An Existential Toolkit for Climate Justice Educators
  14. Dr. Jeffrey Scott Jensen
    Project Title: A newly recognized population of kokanee salmon at UWB – Origins, life history, and opportunities for student research and community engagement

Carry-over funding from the 2020 SCRP Award Period:

  1. Dr. Shima Abadi
    Project Title: Effects of sub-seabed geology on seismic sound propagation in the ocean
  2. Dr. Sara Maxwell
    Project Title: Seabirds and Tropical Ecosystems: Links Under Climate Change

To learn more about the SRCP grant, or track upcoming changes for future submissions, visit SRCP Solicitation page.