UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Recipients Spring 2020


UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Recipients Spring 2020

Congratulations to the following faculty who have received funding! The UW Bothell SRCP Seed Grant Program is intended to competitively support UW Bothell faculty in all disciplines who are starting new projects or relaunching current projects in new directions that have the potential for internal UW and/or external funding. We hope to continue building the research capacity and extramural support for faculty across all Schools.

A total of $284,000 was awarded to faculty and some funding was given specifically to support undergraduate researchers assisting with their mentor's research.

To learn more about the SRCP grant, or track upcoming changes for future submissions, visit SRCP page.

  1. Dr. Shima Abadi
    Project Title: Effects of sub-seabed geology on seismic sound propagation in the ocean
  2. Dr. Rejoice Akapame, Co-PI: Dr. Arkady Retik
    Project Title: Scratch as a Mathematical Modeling Tool
  3. Dr. Amaranth Borsuk and Carrie Bodle
    Project Title: Site/Archive/Cite: An immersive art installation based on the National Archives at Seattle
  4. Dr. Marc Dupuis
    Project Title: Examining the Efficacy of Fear Appeals in Cybersecurity
  5. Dr. Joe Ferrare
    Project Title: Unequal Ties: Exploring How Social Capital Differentially Shapes Underrepresented Students' College-to-Career Transitions
  6. Dr. Joey Key, Co-PI: Dr. Linda Simonsen
    Project Title: Evaluating the Impact of Participation in STEM Outreach on Persistence of Diverse Students in Physics, Math, and Engineering
  7. Dr. Hyung Kim
    Project Title: Lungs Generate Nitric Oxide Gas as an Immune Response and a Nasty Pulmonary Pathogen Produces a Heme Protein that Captures and Likely Detoxifies the Toxic Gas
  8. Dr. Naomi Macalalad Bragin
    Project Title: Little Brown Language: A Performance Research Project
  9. Dr. Thelma Madzima
    Project Title: Epigenetic and environmentally-induced effects on plant development: translating from Zea mays (maize) to Setaria virdis (green foxtail millet)
  10. Dr. Sara Maxwell
    Project Title: Seabirds and Tropical Ecosystems: Links Under Climate Change
  11. Dr. Jed Murr
    Project Title: Black Arts Northwest Phase One: Living Omowale
  12. Dr. Ko Niitsu, Co-PI: Dr. Hoa Appel
    Project Title: Resilience Through Mindfulness
  13. Dr. Eric Salathe
    Project Title: Actionable Science: Creating local climate change information to support adaptation planning
  14. Dr. Caleb Trujillo
    Project Title: Student-made Models Analyzed on a Large Scale (SMALS)
  15. Dr. Doug Wacker
    Project Title: Integrating approaches to assess the impacts of habitat characteristics and urbanization on avian biodiversity and behavior in parks in Lake Forest Park, WA