UW Bothell stands with our international scholars and students

As you probably know by now, President Trump signed an executive order last week banning immigration from the seven nations of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This situation continues to change almost by the hour and we still don’t know all of the implications of this action yet.

Please be assured that the tri-campus University of Washington is taking this action very seriously, and as we have concrete information, we will communicate it to you.

This is an action that is painful to members of our campus community who are from these seven countries, have family members from these countries and others who are caught up in the uncertainty. As an immigrant, it is painful to me to see anyone treated this way, let alone entire groups in our society.

With that said, I echo President Ana Mari Cauce’s recommendation to our community members from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to avoid international travel at this time. Also, following earlier advisories from United We Dream and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, we are recommending to undocumented students that they refrain from any international travel, including for study abroad. Contact Natalia Dyba in our Global Initiatives office with any questions regarding study abroad - uwbworld@uw.edu/ UW1-160.

If you are a student with questions related to your immigration status or if a student comes to you with questions related to immigration from any country, including the seven listed in the executive order, please send them directly to the Center for International Education. Dana Brolley and her staff are ready to assist and answer questions at 425.352.3876 or uwbintl@uw.edu. If you are a student who may feel uncomfortable emailing any information or questions, you are encouraged to call or just drop by the CIE office.  This executive order is likely causing tremendous emotional stress.

If you are a UW Bothell student and need to talk with someone, our counseling center is also standing by to help. You can call 425.352.3183 to schedule time with a counselor or stop by UW1-080 to seek more immediate assistance.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact UW CareLink at 1.866.598.3978.  Also, Dana Brolley has offered her office as a resource to anyone in the campus community who is considering travel and needs advice on potential risks.

I want to remind you of the pledge to underrepresented and undocumented students that I signed on January 17, 2017. UW Bothell supports and protects the safety, security and well-being of all our students, faculty and staff regardless of national origin, immigration status or citizenship. UW Bothell stands with you and we are committed to a safe and welcoming campus. More than anything, we want you and your families to remain safe. Over the weekend, we witnessed many across our nation and right here in Seattle come together in support of our community members who have been put at risk by the signing of this executive order.

Elected officials and others are working around the clock on this issue. In fact, our state’s attorney general is filing a lawsuit challenging the executive order. This is a time to stand together with our peers and colleagues. 

Again, as soon as we have more concrete information, we will communicate it to you.


Vice Provost Jeff Riedinger has provided an update on additional resources for UW community members affected by the executive order. Resources at this link may also be useful to you.