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School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences


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Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) offers three graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, a Master of Arts in Policy Studies, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Poetics, and a Certificate in Public Scholarship. These graduate degrees share a commitment to linking the critical, creative, and analytical skills emphasized in academic graduate programs to the practical and applied skills found in professional programs. This unique mix of theory and practice allows graduates to move directly into careers or to pursue further education at the doctoral level.

Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

Founded in 2008, the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies is designed for a small cohort of students who seek to transform their communities through applied forms of cultural work that engage diverse populations.  Through the development of a learning and professional portfolio, cultural studies graduates integrate work completed in core courses, elective courses, and a capstone project. Read more about the Cultural Studies degree.

Master of Arts in Policy Studies

Founded in 2001, the Master of Arts in Policy Studies is designed for a small cohort of students who seek to become agents of change through policy analysis, research, and implementation.  The policy studies curriculum enables students to develop foundational skills in policy analysis and to apply those skills in policy arenas ranging from health care and the environment to labor and human rights. Read more about the Policy Studies degree.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Poetics

Launched in Fall 2012, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Poetics (MFA) is designed to help students develop their creative work through a course of study that encourages exploration and discovery. The MFA degree prepares students for various teaching positions as well as careers in fields that required advanced critical, creative, and writing abilities. Read more about the MFA degree.

Certificate in Public Scholarship

The Certificate in Public Scholarship is a 15 credit, transcripted graduate certificate, that enables graduate students to integrate their intellectual, political, and professional interests through engagement with diverse publics.  The Certificate is a partnership of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at UW Bothell, the UW Graduate School, and the Simpson Center for the Humanities. Read more about the Certificate in Public Scholarship on the Simpson Center page.

Information Sessions

For more information about the IAS programs and an opportunity to talk with our graduate office, you can attend an Information Session on campus.

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