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Experiential Learning

BIS 495 IAS Internship Course

The IAS Internship course (BIS 495) is a credit/no-credit course designed for students interested in linking their classroom education to practice-based learning in local for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. It also will meet the IPR graduation requirement

The course allows students to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the IAS program (creative problem solving, collaboration, critical analysis and thinking, interdisciplinary research) to a variety of work environments. Students will be encouraged to use the internship experience to analyze and assess potential employment opportunities and career paths.


Before you can apply for the course, you need to have an internship already set up. If you need help finding an internship, Career Services can help. You can make an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor and go over internship options. You can also search HuskyJobs for internships. There are plenty of internship opportunities out there for everyone!

Your internship must be a short-term educational experience that is related to your degree and future career aspirations. You cannot use a permanent or shot-term job for the course.. 


BIS 495 is a variable credit course. Credit loads vary with weekly hours logged at your internship site: 2 credits (4-6 hours); 3 credits (7-9 hours); 4 credits (10-12 hours); 5 credits (12-14 hours); 6 credits (15 hours or more). Work with your internship site supervisor and your IAS academic advisor to determine the proper number of credits for the course. 


Once you have your internship set up and credits determined fill out the online application. You must also confirm with your schedule and internship location that you can attend all three class of BIS 495 (see time schedule). 

Your application will be reviewed and if we have any questions we will email you. If the application is complete, we will email you an add code to register for the course. 

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The course typically fills up before the end of the previous quarter. Once the course fills we will start a waitlist. 


If you have not done so already, make sure to fill out the learning contract with your site supervisor, have both of you sign it and then bring it to the first day of class. 



  • You must be an IAS student
  • Have an internship set up before applying
  • Completed BIS 300 by the time enrolling into BIS 495
  • Be in good academic standing


  • Participate in three mandatory, on-campus class sessions. See time schedule for dates/times/location.
  • Complete weekly electronic writing assignments that integrate the course readings and your internship experiences.
  • Keep a field journal of your internship experience
  • Present a final poster based on your experiences in the course to an audience of students, UW staff and IAS faculty during the final class period. 

Class Information

  • Variable credit course (2-6 credits)
  • The grading is credit/no credit
  • May count toward electives or toward the 20 additional IAS credits 
  • Can only be taken once
  • Offered autumn, winter, spring and summer quarters
  • Sample BIS 495 Syllabus (Winter 2013) 

Have Questions? Need Help?

Contact Career Services at internships@uwb.edu or make an appointment via the button below. 

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