Energy and the Future

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60-Second Syllabus: Energy and the Future

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Survey of scientific, technological and potential of large-scale renewable energy and barriers to its implementation. Includes discussion of solar, wind, nuclear and other possible energy sources; energy efficiency, large-scale energy storage, climate change; and numerous domestic and international case studies of efforts in sustainability.

Students will engage with the quantitative skills center through quantitative reasoning problems based around basic physics concepts in energy, as well as data related to applications of energy technologies. Students will reflect on their interactions with evidence-based and quantitative arguments for socially relevant issues, including climate change. Informal oral and written presentations will be based on student-led research and evidence gathering in renewable energy technologies. Students will be working in groups consistently during in-class and online activities.

In class interactions will include quantitative problem solving related to energy concepts including efficiency, power and thermodynamics.  Other class periods will be discussion based, with students expected to bring evidence to support their ideas into the discussion through pre-lecture online activities.

Professor Matthew Gliboff (He/Him/His)

Headshot of Matthew GliboffAbout Professor Gliboff: 

Dr. Gliboff has been teaching at UWB and local community colleges since 2013. His teaching has included courses for physics majors, science majors and non-technical majors. His primary teaching goals are to help students build teamwork and technical communication and problem-solving skills, and to encourage students to become life-long learners. Other interests include sustainability, feats of mechanical engineering and running long distances.


Location: HH-1323