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Welcome to the Office of the Ombud

We serve the entire University of Washington community by providing a collaborative and confidential environment to discuss your situation, consider options, and develop a plan for the future. We are available to meet at any of the three campuses, Harborview, or the UW Medical Center.


To make an appointment with the Ombud and find a path forward, please contact us at 206-543-6028.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing, and resolving conflict at this university. Through active participation in the problem-solving process, clients develop the ability to prevent, manage, and resolve future conflicts.

Annual Report

Each year, the Office of the Ombud publishes a report detailing the work of the office. You can find all of our Annual Reports here.

2017 Annual Report

The 2017 Annual Report provides an overview of the issues the university community has brought forth and how we have helped faculty, staff, and students resolve challenging situations. 

Give feedback

Our office is continually looking for ways to improve our services. We want to heard your thoughts and have created a survey so you can let us know what you think. Any thoughts you provide will be thoroughly reviewed and incorporated by our office moving forward.

UW Ombud Office Survey

Additional information

For more information on our services, please visit our Seattle and Tacoma sites. 

Are we permitted to hire at this time?
What if there isn’t work, or it isn’t possible to work from home?
What happens after April 7?
Where can I find resources for training and professional development?
Is Shared Leave Available for Staff?
What is the difference between “essential personnel” and “critical personnel”?
What resources exist for self-care?
Will mandatory promotion and tenure clocks proceed as normal?
Can I change my course to C/NC?
What is expected of faculty during the “transitional” first week of courses in Spring?
What library resources are available?
What resources are available for students adjusting to online learning?
I’m concerned about a student’s access to technology. What can I do?
I’m a faculty member who would like support transitioning to online instruction. What resources are available to me?
How do I make sure my courses, materials, etc. are accessible?
What are the protocols for faculty/employees who are reporting symptoms?
How is the UW safe-guarding research personnel?
I have sensitive equipment that needs daily maintenance. Can I come in to do this work?
What if I have undergraduates in my laboratory? Can they still work on their research, if they are willing to do so?
Are we now under suspended operations?
How does UW Bothell clean and disinfect?

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