Suspended Operations Policy

As we have all learned by now, UW Bothell has a unique power grid. Thus, it is common for the core campus of UWB to be without power, while Beardslee Crossing still has power.

Every situation is unique, but these are general procedures for suspended operations:

  1. If the entire campus has suspended operations, only essential employees report to work. Everyone else stay home.
  2. If the core campus is without power, classes and work are suspended in the core campus buildings. Only essential personnel should be on campus.
  3. If adjacent buildings have power (UWBX, Beardslee Building, Husky Hall, Husky Village) have power, employees should report to work.
  4. It is not possible to list all scenarios in a short alert message. Faculty, staff and students should obtain further information from, which is UW Bothell’s official source of emergency information.


  • Core Campus: UWB-1, UWB-2, Discovery Hall, LBA, LB-1 and 2., North Creek Events Center, Food for Thought and the ARC and Sports Field. Truly House, Chase House and south parking garage.
  • Cascadia College: (CC)= CC1, CC2, Mobius Hall, north parking garage.
  • Husky Hall and Husky Village: are on the same different power grid as the core campus.
  • UWBX: Beardslee crossing
  • BB: Beardslee Building
  • ELC: Eastside Learning Center
  • Entire campus: includes every UW Bothell owned or leased building

Suspended Operations

  • Suspension of campus operations is the temporary discontinuance for normal work activities, academic or support programs, and other campus events. Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and non-essential personnel should not be on campus.
  • Suspension of classes is the temporary discontinuance of academic instruction. Students should not attempt to arrive on campus until the suspension is lifted. Faculty and staff should consult with their immediate supervisor.

Download core campus designation map