All Clear

The UW Bothell/Cascadia College campus will be open on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Please use caution when moving about campus as there is still ice and snow falling off roof tops. The main promenade will remain closed for one more day. Here are updated access points to the buildings on campus:

  • CC1/CC2 from the center, lower level, east side of building – Parking available in the North Garage.
  • CC3, up and around by north bus loop up onto the CC3 plaza, north entrance and west entrance..
  • Library (LB1) access through LBA- lower level, east side of bldg. and up the elevator to library. (please call Campus Safety 425-352-5359 so they can key you in) as the library access via the elevator is locked off or they may enter the stairwell across from Campus Safety.
  • The entire lower level sidewalk is cleared from South Garage lower campus road – UW1 – CC2.
  • LB2- UWB IT- access through the stairwell door, lower level across from Campus Safety.
  • UW1 from the center, lower level, east side of building. – South Garage available for parking.
  • UW2 and DISC from the south end entrance, 1st floor. Then persons who need to get to DISC will walk through UW2.