Preparing for winter weather

Dear UW Bothell community:

Even as we navigate the continuing effects of the pandemic, we must prepare for other hazards, such as winter weather. In the event of a weather or other emergency, a leadership team convenes quickly to determine the appropriate measures needed to keep the campus community safe and secure. The team includes representatives from UW Bothell Planning and Administration, Facilities & Campus Safety, Emergency Management, Student Services and Marketing & Communications, as well as their counterparts from Cascadia College.

If our region experiences hazardous weather, the campus could suspend operations. If this happens, on-campus operations will be suspended, in-person instruction will be moved to remote instruction, and all campus buildings will be locked. However, all instruction and student services will continue to be offered remotely. Similarly, telework arrangements for staff will continue. Only essential employees whose work requires them to be physically present on campus should come to campus during suspended operations, observing appropriate care and safety measures.

This winter, UW Bothell and Cascadia College will have few students and personnel coming to campus. If a decision is made to suspend operations on campus, it is our intent to notify the campus community of this decision by 10 p.m. the night before.

From text and email alerts to our internal public address system, UW Bothell has a number of ways to notify the campus community about disruptions to our campus when they occur. Please take a moment now to sign up for our text and email alerts at

Emergencies and closure information on or near campus will be communicated in a number of ways, including:

  • UW Alert (text and email messages)
  • Alertus desktop notification system (If you are connected to the UW network via the BIG-IP Edge Client, you will get alerts on your desktop even at home.)
  • UW Bothell website:
  • UW Bothell’s emergency blog: (The blog is updated frequently when an incident on campus occurs.)
  • UW Bothell’s Facebook page:
  • UW Bothell’s Twitter account:
  • UWB Advisory email list
  • UW Bothell’s information line: 425-352-3333
  • (feeds to local TV and radio)