Mary Gates Research Scholarships – 2022 Autumn Awards

Mary Gates Research Scholarships are competitive scholarships intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduate students at the University of Washington while they are engaged in research guided by faculty. With research scholarships, students may be able to focus more attention and time, deeping their inquiry into a discipline or project with a reduced financial burden.

Students receive research scholarships to pursue research in a variety of disciplines.

Applications are accepted twice per year – once in Autumn Quarter and once in Winter Quarter. The scholarships are $5,000 and disburse in installments of $2,500 each over two quarters. Graduating seniors may request to receive a one-quarter award totaling $2,500. Learn more and apply.

Autumn 2022 Recipients

Congratulations to the Bothell Students who received Mary Gates Research Scholarships for the Autumn 2022 quarter.

Harper Hults

Mathematics (Bothell Campus), Computer Science & Software Engineering
Mentor: Casey Mann, School of STEM, Division of Engineering and Mathematics

Inkar Kapen

Computer Science & Software Engineering
Mentor: Afra Mashhadi, Computing Software and Systems