Final Exam Schedule 2023-2024

UWB Final Examination schedules are based on the guidelines below. Note: There is no Final Exam Week during summer quarter. Please check your class syllabus for confirmation of the Final Exam date and time.

Class Schedule Final Day
If your class meets once a week. . .Your Final will be scheduled for the same day and time during Finals Week.
If your class meets twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. . .Your Final will be scheduled for Monday of Finals Week during the regular class time.
If your class meets twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. . .Your Final will be scheduled for Tuesday of Finals Week during the regular class time.
If your class is in the School of STEMSee the Final Exam Policy for the School of STEM

Final exam guidelines

Final examinations should be administered in accordance with the exam schedule. The Dean/Director may permit an instructor to change the day or time of a final examination upon prior application demonstrating good cause for such change. In such cases, the following guidelines shall be observed:

  • With Dean/Director permission, the final examination may be postponed or moved to an earlier time within the examination period if agreed to by all students and the instructor. Before approving the rescheduling of a final examination, the Dean/Director shall obtain assurances that the change will not have an undue adverse impact on the students. The Dean/Director shall notify the Registrar of the approval granted for the date of a final examination.
  • An instructor shall not schedule a final class examination before the beginning of finals week. An instructor shall not, except in very unusual circumstances, grant permission to individual students for an early examination. If the student is unable to take an examination on the scheduled date, the procedure outlined in the following paragraph should be followed.
  • A student absent from any examination through sickness or other cause, judged by the instructor to be unavoidable, shall be given an opportunity to take a rescheduled examination or perform work judged by the instructor to be the equivalent. If the instructor determines that neither alternative is feasible during the current quarter, the instructor may exempt the student from the requirement. Examples of unavoidable cause include death or serious illness in the immediate family, illness of the student, and, provided previous notification is given, observance of regularly scheduled religious obligations, and might possibly include attendance at academic conferences or field trips, or participation in university-sponsored activities such as debating contests or athletic competition. Students are responsible for taking any number of examinations for which they are scheduled on a given day.
  • Multiple section courses, courses with two or more lecture or lab sections in a given quarter, may schedule a common final with the approval from the Dean/Director and the Registrar. Common finals will usually be held the Saturday before or during finals, or on occasion in the evening. Common finals dates and times are normally indicated in the comment section of the Time Schedule, under individual course listings. They will be announced at the beginning of the quarter in each course section, and included in the course syllabus. The times for common finals differ from the times shown in the above examination schedule. A make-up examination time is to be arranged for any student who cannot be present for the common final.
  • Final examinations for classes without in-person meeting times may be set by the instructor or offering department for any time during the regular finals examination week. However, accommodations must be made for students who have a conflict with otherwise scheduled final examinations, and students should in no way be penalized for such conflicts.
  • If an examination is held during finals week at a time other than what the schedule indicates, instructors must contact their departmental time schedule coordinator who will confirm a classroom location with the Office of the Registrar.

Questions concerning the final examination schedule should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.