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TIPS Workshops

Are you interested in how to include diverse student voices in classroom activities and discussions? Then join facilitators, Deirdre Vinyard (IAS Senior Lecturer) and Natalia Dyba (Director Global Initiatives) for a 4-part TIPS series this quarter to learn and share with other learner-educators (faculty, staff, and students) who teach undergraduate and graduate students! 

All Learner-Educators are welcome to attend any or all of the workshops, but for those who would like to commit to participating in all 4 workshops, you can receive a spending credit of $150 to be used on class materials, books, travel, or other work-related purposes. There are only 20 of these spots available, so please fill out the RSVP form asap.*

*Please note: when using the RSVP form, make sure to sign into your Google accounts via your UW credentials before opening the link to avoid the “permission” error page. You can also click on “Learn more” on that page and click “sign in” in the upper right corner, then re-click on the link for the RSVP form.


Engaging Class Discussion: Understanding and Enhancing Participation in Diverse Groups
Friday, April 7 10:00 -11:30 am
Discovery Hall 464

This 90-minute workshop will focus on methods to engage culturally and linguistically diverse students in the classroom. We will reflect on barriers and facilitators to effectively support active participation by all students. We will end by generating scenarios that represent our challenges in engaging all students and supporting meaningful inclusion. These will serve as the foundation for Workshop 2.


Bringing Diverse Voices into the Classroom Discussion: Practical Solutions
Thursday, April 27 3:30-5:00pm

This workshop continues the discussion from Workshop 1 by considering the classroom scenarios developed by faculty on April 7.  Working in small groups, which will include UWB students, we will generate and discuss practical strategies that could address these specific classroom challenges. Guest facilitator Bruce Kochis will also share some of his own learning and tips. Participants will be asked to test and practice these strategies with their students, and report out on the experience during Workshop 4. 


Listening to Student Voices
Friday, May 12 3:00-4:30pm
Discovery Hall 464

Participants in this workshop will have the opportunity to hear directly from a panel of undergraduate and graduate students about their experiences in class discussions at UWB. We will integrate the theory and practice gained in Workshops 1 and 2 with the students' perspectives on class participation. 


Applying Discussion Strategies:  Sharing our Experiences
Friday May 19 12pm-1:30 pm

In this workshop, participants will share their experiences of integrating strategies taken up in workshop 2. We will discuss why specific strategies did or did not work. At the end of the session, we will have a collection of effective strategies that will be disseminated to all faculty. 

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Teaching in Progress Seminars (TIPS) Workshops

TIPS are monthly workshops facilitated by learner-educators (faculty, staff, or students) that provide an opportunity for learner-educators to share best practices and transformative pedagogies.

If you would like to facilitate a TIPS workshop, please fill out our TIPS facilitator form.

Join us for the next one!

Information about previous workshops is available on our TIPS page.

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Past Events:

2013 ePortfolio Symposium

2013 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2012 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2011 Teaching and Learning Symposium

Teaching In Progress Seminars (TIPS)

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