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Upcoming Events:

Seminar for New Faculty

Join us from 9:05am-10:55am on Friday, January 22nd in UW1-361

This workshop will have two parts: Kim Wilson will lead a discussion on Advising Students about Careers, and we will have a session on sharing classroom activities. To prepare for the latter, please identify an activity that you have found to be successful, interesting, and/or challenging. You can use this template to assist in your identification and explanation if desired. An example is provided for you in the document titled “Active Learning Activity_Create a Problem.

Future dates of  Seminar for New Faculty:

February 26, 2016
April 8, 2016
May 20, 2016

TIPS Workshop:

What is meant by "authentic" research for students at different levels, in different disciplines, and how does it differ in classroom versus non-classroom settings? These and other questions regarding authentic research will be explored in a discussion at our upcoming TIPS workshop. Join our facilitator, Avery Shinneman, Lecturer, School of IAS on Thursday, January 21st  from 12:00pm to 1:30pm in DISC-464 to learn and share with other learner-educators (faculty, staff, and students)!


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Supporting the success of UW Bothell's new faculty is an ongoing commitment of the Teaching and Learning Center.  Therefore, we invite you to continue your involvement through the Seminar for New Faculty (SNF) series, which features interactive, helpful sessions and workshops on a variety of topics showcasing the many resources at your disposal as scholars and teachers.  We will offer two such events each quarter through the academic year. 


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TIPS are monthly workshops facilitated by learner-educators (faculty, staff, or students) that provide an opportunity for learner-educators to share best practices and transformative pedagogies.

If you would like to facilitate a TIPS workshop, please fill out our TIPS facilitator form.

Join us for the next one!

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Past Events:

2013 ePortfolio Symposium

2013 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2012 Teaching and Learning Symposium

2011 Teaching and Learning Symposium

Teaching In Progress Seminars (TIPS)  

Conferences and Workshops sponsored by affiliates

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Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.