Equity & Inclusion Conference

Our third Annual Equity & Inclusion Conference is February 24, 2017.  More details for this conference will be available soon.

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Past Events

How do we define Hate Speech vs. Free Speech within an academic community?

Thursday, November 17th | 3:30 to 5 p.m. | North Creek Event Center

All members of the UW Bothell community were invited to attend an interactive forum facilitated by Kari Lerum and Terryl Ross to discuss how we can better navigate difficult conversations inside and outside of the classroom.
Specifically, we focused on defining what constitutes “hate” speech and “free” speech within the context of a commitment to high academic integrity and campus diversity. During this forum we discussed and reviewed campus inclusion values and Diversity Statement, hate speech vs. free speech, and relevant sections from the student conduct code, and faculty code. We also had attendees break into small groups to generate and share tools for participants in navigating difficult conversations while holding a high bar for academic integrity and inclusivity.
This is the first in on-going equity and inclusion forums that will be available to the campus during the academic year.  If you are interested in helping to facilitate this particular forum please contact Kari Lerum or Terryl Ross  For more information about future forums contact Terryl Ross at (425) 352-3670.