The Husky Card program is available to all students, faculty, and staff at UW Bothell. For more information on the Husky Card Program, please visit the UW Husky Card website.

Husky Card Office

As many new and returning students, faculty and staff come back to campus, you may be in need of getting your UW Husky Card. The UW Bothell Husky Card ID Office is located on the north end of campus in Husky Hall. The UW Bothell Husky Card ID Office is accessible Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. The Husky Card ID Office is inside Husky Hall next to the Welcome Desk and Cashier’s Office. The Husky Card ID Office serves as the primary location at UW Bothell for production of your UW Husky Card ID.

Contact the Husky Card ID Office with questions during normal business hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm (last photo taken at 4:30pm)
Replacement ID's will only be available from 9:00am-4:30pm daily.

New Employee

Employees obtaining a Husky Card will need their UW employee ID number and their U.S. state-or federally-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport). The Husky Card system is not updated in real time and requires a nightly feed from the employee payroll system. New employees cannot receive their Husky Card until their first day of employment. In order to save you an unnecessary trip to our office, you can may call 425-352-5000 during normal business hours and we can check your eligibility over the phone.

New Students

Students who enrolled at UW Bothell may obtain their UW ID cards (Husky Cards). You will need to have your student ID number and U.S. state-or federally issued photo identification with you (such as a driver's license or passport). We do not accept high school IDs.

Replacement Cards

If you lose your Husky Card, immediately go to the Online Card Office to report your card lost and suspend activity on your Husky Card Account.

To replace your Husky Card, go to the Husky Card ID Center in Husky Hall. You may be required to show your legal photo identification to obtain a replacement card. A nonrefundable fee of $25 is charged for replacement of lost, stolen or damaged Husky Cards and must be paid at the Cashier’s Office prior to replacement of the card.

There is no additional charge to replace the U-PASS; however, because the ORCA card readers do not update immediately with new card information, you will not be able to use the U-PASS for transit for 24–48 hours after replacing your Husky Card.

Building Entry Access Feature

If your Husky Card also acts as your key for entry into assigned areas on campus, this access is given through the Campus Safety Office and is not done at the Husky Card ID Office. You may be required to work with your building coordinator to approve access. For questions related to building entry access and your Husky Card, contact the Campus Safety Office at 425-352-5359. For additional information please visit: