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  • For 20 years, Dr. Sophie Leroy has focused much of her research on the study of interruptions, establishing a new and much-needed field within organizational behavior. The post An ongoing study on the success of staying focused  appeared first on News.
  • Students in Qatar, used to one-way lecture formats, thrive using a teamwork-centered approach taught by a Fulbright scholar.  The post Learning by teaching  appeared first on News.
  • Dr. Raissa DeSmet encourages her students to embrace their whole selves by creating projects that center their experiences and identities. The post A lineage of teaching with love  appeared first on News.
  • As we celebrate National Nurses Month, meet some of our students and alumni who work at UW Medicine. The post Care and compassion in our community  appeared first on News.
  • In the course, “Disability Representation in Society,” students use art and community engagement as a tool for learning about disability justice. The post The art and practice of disability justice  appeared first on News.