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"What if...?" Conversations about reinventing the world

Brought to you by the Office of Advancement and External Relations

2020 has changed all of our lives. Drastic shifts in how we navigate many of the familiar structures that help shape us as citizens – interacting with family and friends, spending time in public places, adapting to new work and learning environments, or discovering the inner workings of our democracy – have left some of us wondering “What if…?” Let’s talk about it.

UW Bothell faculty and campus leaders sit down with you to discuss a world re-imagined from different points of view. “What if...?”, is a space for intimate conversations on varied topics such as the importance of art, ethical healthcare decision-making, mass incarceration, and how we prepare our students for post-graduation life. Each gathering will focus on a specific area of interest and expertise and we want you to join the conversation; this is a space we created for YOU.


Smart Urbanism during COVID-19​

Jin-Kyu Jung, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

Join our discussion about what the pandemic means for the smart city and smart city planning. Will it make cities to more actively pursue a smart city vision of sustainable and connected city or will it ramp up citizen surveillance with new and intrusive technologies? Drawing on examples from Korea how smart city technologies are enacted as a critical part of pandemic control, the presentation offers a critical insight into contemporary discussions on the complementing and/or conflicting relationship between ’the smart,’ the city,’ and ‘the pandemic’ and pave the way for the post-Covid smart city discussions.



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