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4Stitch Brewing

Lil Sweets

(Citra IPA – 6.6% ABV and 43 IBU)

Dad Bod

(Mosaic IPA – 6.5% ABV and 45 IBU)


(Stout – 7.7% ABV and 74 IBU)


(Wheat Ale – 5.5% ABV and 27 IBU)

Barely POP! Brewing

Friendship Nugget 

(Irish Stout – 5%)

Friendship Nugget is a dark, rich beer with a creamy texture and roasted malt flavors, with notes of coffee and chocolate.

Sassy Sparkles  

(Wit Bier – 5%)

Sassy Sparkles is a refreshing, zesty brew that bursts with bright citrus and spicy coriander, making every sip a sunny adventure.

Beardslee Public House

Belgian Strawberry Blonde 

(6.5% ABV)

When Belgian Monastic Westmalle yeast kisses El Dorado and Trident hops in a 13 Plato wort of Pilsner and Wheat malts, a beautiful Belgian Single is produced.  When you then infuse over 6lbs of Strawberries per keg; a sublime Belgian Strawberry Blonde is the result

Greenleaf IPA


Hops, Hops, Hops. Made using a technique called hop bursting, this IPA delivers a mellow bitterness with a strong hop aroma & flavor. Named for Bothell’s history, Columbus S. Greenleaf was one of the first white settlers in Bothell. 

Dirty Couch Brewing

Peter Peter Pear Eater


Strong ale aged with pears in Highland Whisky barrels.



A blend of barrel-aged sour wild ales. 

Belgian Farmhouse


Brewed with honey and cardamom.

Elysian Brewing


(Juicy IPA – 8.2%)

Dawn Again 

(Hazy Pale Ale – 5%)

Fields Premium

(Classic Ale – 5.1%)

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery

Otter Snout Stout 


Scrumptious stout featuring a blend of classic caramel and roasted malts. Brewed with our friends at Vulpine Tap House. 

Cold Shoulder Cold IPA 


Quaffable Cold IPA brewed with a portion of rice and featuring Wakatu hops from New Zealand. 

Georgetown Brewing Company

Lily IPA 


A refreshing, bright and super drinkable IPA with hints of tropical fruit.  

Gusto Cream Coffee Ale


Building on Gusto Crema blend, a medium roasted bean from our friends at Caffè Umbria, we made a smooth, rich cream ale. This beer has roasted flavor, aroma, and color from cold brew coffee. Smooth, rich mouthfeel comes from oats and Munich malt. Gold medal winner in the Coffee Beer category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016!  

Contains lactose 

Great Notion Brewing

Great Notion Brewing Logo

Mango Fluff

(Imperial Tart Ale – 8.5% ABV

Mango Fluff transports you right under the Big Top with tropical mango, vanilla, and cotton candy flavor. This is one beer with all the right fluff.

Juice Jr.

(Hazy IPA – 6.0% ABV)

Juice Jr. just might be our most popular hazy IPA. This classic is all about the citrus and tropical Mosaic hop. Lush and easy drinking with notes of citrus and pineapple.

Hops & Seed Brewery 

Sunglow Hoppy Pilsner 

(5.2% ABV and 35 IBU)

Crisp and hoppy pilsner brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops in the kettle and then lightly dry-hopped with Citra and Idaho 7 in the fermenter. Easy drinking with notes of white grape, pineapple, and ripe citrus. 

Tropical Wheat 

(5.1% ABV)

Silky-bodied wheat beer brewed with Pink guava and mango for a refreshing tropical finish.

Pretty Privilege IPA 

(6.7% ABV)

A West coast meets East coast soft IPA brewed with a clean base of Pilsner, wheat, and oats for a smooth body and fruit-forward flavors from Citra, Strata and Mosaic hops. 

McMenamins Anderson School Brewery

Unleash the Kraken Hazy Double IPA 

(8% ABV)

This monstrous fruit forward Hazy Double IPA boasts a big malt body along with hop flavors of candied citrus, pine, dragon fruit and red grapefruit. 

1983 Lager

(5% ABV)

A Premium American Lager, brewed in honor of McMenamins 40th anniversary; clean and smooth with a crisp finish. 

Métier Brewing Company 

Central Calling IPA  

(6.5% ABV)

A simple grain bill of 2-row and Pilsner malt allows Mosaic and Strata hops to pop in this crisp golden ale. Grapefruit and Tropical fruit flavors backed up with moderate bitterness. Enjoy this refreshing West Coast IPA. 


(5% ABV)

Light-bodied German-style ale with mild hop bitterness. Very dry and and highly sessionable.

Postdoc Brewing Co.


(Hazy IPA – 6.6% ABV and 25 IBU)

Notes of Peaches, Orange & Honey 

Need More Concentration  

(Fruited Sour – 6.5% ABV and 10 IBU)

Notes of Mango, Peach & Tart 


(Lager – 4.8% ABV and 23 IBU)

Notes of orchard fruit, light biscuit & refreshing 

Side Hustle Bothell Taproom

Uno Mas Mexican Lager

(4.4% ABV and 20 IBU)

Delicate herbal hop notes mingled with grainy corn. Starts with hints of soft French bread and finishes with dry delicate hop goodness. You are going to want one more.

Snake Charmer Irish Red Ale 

(4.5% ABV and 18 IBU)

Light in body but with a feisty, roasted malt character. Saint Patrick may have chased the snakes out of Ireland, but he left behind all the good beer.  

Vicious Mockery West Coast IPA 

(7.2% ABV and 72 IBU)

Hop-forward classic northwest IPA with floral aroma and piney, citrus notes. You know you are in the northwest at first sip. 

Three Bull Brewing Co. Taphouse

Toasted Marshmallow Porter 

(6.5% ABV)

Welcome in the cold weather and imagine sitting around the campfire with our Toasted Marshmallow Porter.  Brewed with Chocolate, Roasted, and Smoke malts. These malts combine for a balance of sweetness that pairs well with the infused marshmallow. 

Champagne Mango IPA 

(11.3% ABV)

This style is made like a typical IPA and after fermentation, we add mango puree and champagne yeast and let it work for an additional week.  

Bethel Ridge Red 

(5.7% ABV)

Inspired by the trail we travel on the east of the mountains, the fields of grain lend to the copper-red to reddish-brown color with a smooth mouth feel. We kept the ABV low so you can enjoy several pints in the spring & summer months. 

Triplehorn Brewing

Lunar Cross

(Hazy Pale Ale – 5% ABV and 48 IBU)

 A light and bright, sessionable hazy pale ale.  Low ABV, but packs a punch with notes of citrus and pine grass. 


(Spanish Lager – 4.8% ABV and 8 IBU)

Golden in color, notes of honey, corn, and biscuits, drinks crisp and clear!  

Watts Brewing Company

The Leafcutte

(Kölsch-style – 5.1% ABV)

A bright, crisp beer inspired by the ales of Köln, Germany.  We took the precision of this classic German style and adapted it to the American palate with PNW-grown hops, producing a beer of surprising depth and nuance for such a refreshing style. 

Apian IPA I 

(West Coast IPA – 6% ABV)

Our rotating line of IPAs is all about hops.  Each release showcases a different blend of hops over a crisp, dry bed of pale malt.  This edition features Amarillo hops with a bright apricot aroma supported by piney Simcoe and citrusy Ekuanot.


(Schwarzbier – 4.5% ABV)

This take on an old-school German schwarzbier pairs Kölsch yeast with debittered dark malts.  Though dark in color, it is still light on the palate, with hints of coffee, oreo cookies, and champagne. 

Whitewall Brewing

Wheezin’ The Juice

(Hazy IPA – 6.2% ABV 50 IBU)

Dank is the name of the game. This Hazy IPA has stiff amounts of hops in the whirlpool and is then dry hopped with more. While the aroma starts dank and sticky, let it sit and it opens up to big floral and citrus notes. 


(Vanilla Peach Cream Ale – 5.0% ABV 15 IBU)

In keeping up with our fruit beer series, this cream ale has 120 lbs of peach puree added after fermentation along with inappropriate amount of vanilla. The result is just peachy! 🙂 Check it out while it lasts

Cider and seltzer

Empyrical Cider


(9.3% ABV)

A single-varietal cider using the famed vintage Harrison apple. One bourbon barrel was allowed to go malolactic. Another tank was fermented clean. In equal proportion, we found harmony.


(8.3% ABV)

Off-dry Quince Cider. Fresh quince juice is blended with Harrison Cider Apple and other estate bittersweets for a sparkling summer pour.


(8.3% ABV)

Traditional Apple Cider. A balanced blend highlighted with British sweets, Kingston Black and Empyrical’s Calville Blanc d’Hiver. Reciprocal on draft delivers as a smooth and slightly sweet still apple wine.

Locust Cider

Offset Ciderworks

Off Dry


Made from a 50/50 blend of Washington-grown apples and pears with no added sugar. Light, refreshing, with some white wine characteristics. Not too dry, not too sweet.

Pink Guava


Made from a 50/50 blend of Washington-grown apples and pears, real pink guava, and no added sugar. Well balanced fruit cider that’s not too sweet, very sessionable, tropical notes, with a slight haze.

Pear Up Cider

Hucklepeary Cider 

Watermelon Pear Cider

Let summer happen. Enjoy juicy watermelon refreshingly blended with pure pear. Take time to Pear Up with warm weather and cold perry.

Republic of Cider

Lavender Hefauxweisen

(6.4% ABV)

Banana notes and the spicy-herbal character of Hallertau and lavender.


(6.7% ABV)

Tongue-in-cheek nod to the Gose ale style. Lightly fruited and tart, with plenty of zesty aroma  and a lingering salty finish. 

Only a Ginger

(6.9% ABV)

Our Ginger Seltzer made from fermented ginger root. Clean & crisp.

San Juan Seltzer 

Peach Rosé seltzer

Fresh and lively, with a slightly floral peach aroma that is remarkably true-to-life and blends seamlessly with mellow notes of Merlot wine. The crisp finish makes it especially refreshing.

Huckleberry seltzer

Few things represent what a quintessential PNW summer berry should be more than the great taste of a rich, ripe, colorful wild Huckleberry or its uncultivated cousin – the blueberry. Given all the Blueberry flavored options already out there, we felt we wouldn’t be doing our job if we failed to create this unique Montana-style Huckleberry flavor.

Schilling Hard Cider

Schilling Imperial Pink Lemonade 

(8.4% ABV)

Real lemons meet a top KOALA-TY pink lemonade flavor profile with a hint of hibiscus, creating a wonderfully balanced 8.4% ABV ZESTY-twist on a classic!

Strawberry Rhube Awakening

(6.5% ABV)

Sun-kissed for extra strawberry juiciness. Balanced with the tartness only a grandparent’s cheek-kiss and judgment can bring…or by mixing rhubarb with strawberry. This summer seasonal is a rhube awakening!

Excelsior Imperial Apple

(8.4% ABV)

Excelsior Imperial Apple boasts wonderful acidity, complex yet smooth tannins and a delightful fresh apple aroma. This is the ORIGINAL imperial cider in a 6 pack. It’s also by far the best-tasting imperial cider made!

St-Lô Cider

St-Lô Cider – Fille du Fermier

(6.8% ABV)

Crisp, dry natural cider from farmed and wild apples of Bainbridge Island.

Woodinville Ciderworks

Bourbon Barrel Conditioned

(6.7% ABV)

Dry cider finished in casks from 2 Bar distilling, then finished with a hint of maple.

Traditional Orchard Blend

(6.1% ABV)

Yarlington Mill, Pitmaston Pineapple, Golden Russet, Chisel Jersey, Geeveston Fanney & More!

Blackberry Coferment

(6.9% ABV)

Blackberry & Raspberry cofermented with cider and finised dry.


Long Cellars

2023 Rosé

(12.4% ABV)

A rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon with tropical flavors.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

(14.6% ABV)

Rich, dark fruits with a hint of tobacco.

2019 “MIOLIN” Red Blend

(15.1% ABV)

Red & dark fruits, light leather, very complex.