Kentico CMS

User Interface Overview

The user interface consists of several sections depicted in the illustration below.

Main Sections

Document Actions toolbar where you can create, delete, edit, copy, move, or sort documents.

Main Menu is where you can switch between the Content, My Desk, and Tools sections.

View Mode selection allows you to choose between editing, preview, live view, and list view. image007.jpg

Page Editing Mode is where you can choose the way you want to edit the content of the page. You can choose from editing page content, document fields or document properties. image009.jpg

Content tree displays the structure of your web site and allows you to organize documents/pages in it. image011.jpg

Note: All names are lower case, short, and one world. They form the URL used to access the web page.

Editing/viewing space is the mode selected when editing content selection of the web page. image011.jpg

Did You Know?

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