About Us

Mission, Values, and Goals

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The School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences provides a rigorous liberal arts education that draws connections across academic disciplines and links classroom learning to practical experience across diverse fields. As a faculty and staff, we inspire our students to engage creatively and ethically with the concerns of the region and the world. We dedicate ourselves to integrative research, innovative and effective pedagogy, and dynamic curricula that prepare students for careers and lives in complex and changing environments. As part of a public university, we provide access to this unique educational experience for an inclusive community of students, staff, and faculty.


  • Interdisciplinary and Engaged Scholarship
  • Integrative and Inquiry-Based Curriculum
  • Student-Centered and Experiential Pedagogy
  • Cultural Diversity and Global Citizenship
  • Institutional Innovation and Responsiveness


Be a leading center for interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship and pedagogy with a research culture that fosters the best work of its faculty members and students.

Provide a transformative education that hones our students’ abilities to think critically and creatively, research and communicate effectively, and work and lead collaboratively.

Foster an inclusive educational environment in which diverse students, staff, and faculty members learn from one another, reflect upon their practices, and enhance their capacities.

Build and sustain a rich network of partnerships with community mentors and educators through which our students link their classroom learning to their career goals and life ambitions.

Enhance our ability to innovate nimbly in response to new student populations, assessment of learning outcomes, and regional and global challenges and opportunities.