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ACT Student Organization

Achieving Community Transformation (ACT)

Achieving Community Transformation is a student organization supported by the Office of Community-Based Learning and Research as well as Student Engagement and Activities. ACT Student Leaders initiate and support ongoing dialogues between students and organizations within the Greater Bothell area to provide engaging service opportunities.

Meet the 2016-2017 ACT Student Service Leads

Sukhaman Kaur, Neha Chhabra, Gerald MacKenzie


 ACT Goals:

1. Help students explore and build on their passions, future career experiences, and overall personal growth.

2. Build positive relationships with organizations such as the Northshore School District, Friends of North Creek Forest, and the Northshore Senior Center.

3. Redefine attitudes toward service and volunteering to show students that service opportunities can be based on their interests and goals.

4. Get more students involved in service and volunteering.

5. Plan major services events that are flexible for students who are new to service and can help raise awareness about issues.

Our Past 2013-2014 Service Projects:

Northshore School District’s Community Schools Program

At Northshore School District’s Community Schools program, volunteers can work in mentoring, tutoring, Chill and Spill creative art workshops, and other engagement with middle school and high school students in an outside of the classroom. Volunteers can commit to a regular schedule with flexible options for hours.

Northshore Senior Center

The Northshore Senior Center promotes well-being through programs, services, resources, and civic engagement. They offer many services for their clients, including special events (The Sweetheart Swing dance, St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, and Pancake Breakfasts), caregiver support, transportation, health and wellness, nutrition, and social services.  Depending on your interest you can become involved in almost anything at the center.

Friends of North Creek Forest

Friends of North Creek Forest is a 64-acre conifer and mixed forest with rich bio-diversity that feeds into the Bothell wetlands and Lake Washington. The forest contains a wide variety of fish, wildlife, birds, and native plants that volunteers are continually maintaining and work towards improving the biological function of the forest. Through-out the year there will be many service engagement opportunities for education, stewardship, and conservation at the forest.

2015-2016 ACT Student Service Lead Contacts:


Sukhaman Kaur
ACT Service Lead

Gerald MacKenzie
ACT Service Lead  

Neha Chhabra
ACT Service Lead 

Shauniece Drayton
Program Coordinator-ACT Advisor

Students can also connect with ACT’s Facebook page.  
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