UW Bothell students around the world

Nearly 600 international students are enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell this year, and increasing numbers of UW Bothell students study abroad, with more than 150 participating last year.

More students, 262 last year, have a global academic experience through a UW Bothell Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) course, says Natalia Dyba, director of global initiatives. This virtual exchange allows students to engage with their peers in a different country through project-based learning and collaborative assignments overseen by instructors on both sides.

Study abroad and COIL courses are high-impact learning experience that prepare students for leadership in an interconnected world. Hosting international students adds to the cultural diversity on campus and enhances the education for all.

Such international cooperation was highlighted by the U.S. State Department and the Department of Education with International Education Week in November. Here on campus, dozens of UW Bothell and Cascadia College students attended a global student connections event Nov. 15 at the Activities and Recreation Center.

One of the students, fourth-year global studies major Joseph Aserios, has taken study abroad trips to Italy and Spain. Over the summer, Aserios interned with two human rights organizations in Cape Town, South Africa.

“The experience for me as a student has been really fun,” Aserios said. “Throughout my years at UW Bothell, I have been able to experience different continents and different cultures.”
Well-suited for the job, Aserios now is a study abroad ambassador in the UW Bothell Global Initiatives office at the Student Success Center.

“I tell students to go for it. Go for your passion and your dreams,” Aserios said. “You only have limited time in your life. Do it while you’re young and able.”

Two other students at the event, Hirona Iwasa, left, and Saki Nakahira, are Japanese students from Osaka’s Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College taking English classes at Cascadia College. Both said they like the environment and support they receive on campus. Soon they’ll be looking for jobs anywhere in the world. Nakahira would like to work at Disney World in Florida. (Marc Studer photo)

The Institute for International Education, which released the annual Open Doors report on student mobility in higher education, ranks the entire University of Washington in the top 20 institutions for both study abroad programs and hosting international students.

UW Bothell’s Global Initiatives office and International Student Services are the hubs for international exchanges for students, faculty and staff.

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