UW Bothell Husky 100

2023 winners

Each year the University of Washington recognizes 100 undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of study from the Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses who are making the most of their time at the UW. 

The Husky 100 students actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and then apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for our world. This year, eight UW Bothell students were selected as part of the Husky 100 Class of 2023. 

We are proud to present this year’s Husky 100 honorees. 

Cynthia Anderson

graduate student – cultural studies

I am a 45-year-old brown mother of two mixed-race boys, am the first in my family to earn a college degree and soon will earn my master’s. I am committed to taking what I have had the privilege to learn at UW and share it through diversity, equity and inclusion work in health care for people of color, specifically in labor and delivery. 

Isatou Ceesay

senior – business administration

As a low-income, first-generation, Black Muslim student, my goal is to be a voice and representative for others. I want to show other students who were once like me, lacking confidence and constantly filled with self-doubt, that they, too, can accomplish anything. It starts from within and having the right mindset, support and confidence in your own abilities. 

Jadyn de Jesus

senior – health studies; global health; health education and promotion

Despite the fear and isolation caused by the pandemic, I sought to connect with my campus and give to my community. I joined the Filipino American Student Association, which allowed me to learn about the heritage I had “lost” after years of attending American public schools. Through the Health Studies program, I have been engaged in community service to support youth mental well-being. 

Helen Fita

senior – biology

From my coursework, I knew the significance of a healthy environment. From coaching fellow students, I knew the importance of diversity, awareness and safe spaces. Connecting the two, I helped to establish the Alliance for Sustainability Club aimed at reaching a diverse membership who wanted to learn about global practices to create healthy local environments. 

Vivian Hoang

senior – business administration; visual and media arts 

To be flexible and adaptable while independently disciplining myself to pursue my endeavors in higher education has been challenging. The adversities I faced were learning opportunities that shaped me into who I am now, a confident aspiring first-generation Vietnamese-American business leader. I am ready for what the future holds and am eager to take the next step in assisting others to achieve more than what is imaginable.

Abigail Maurera

senior – health studies; global health; health education and promotion

My education has taught me that there is much more to an individual’s health than just their physical condition. As an aspiring nurse, I am listening to my patients’ stories of how their biological, social and ecological environments affect their well-being. I will approach my work more holistically so I can better care for my community.

Dessirée Ortaç

senior – biology; diversity studies

My Biology degree has prepared me with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in medical school. However, it’s the awareness and proficiency I’ve gained through my minor in Diversity Studies that will set me apart as a doctor. I want to create a safe and respectful space for patients of all backgrounds.

Lynda Trang Dai Phung

senior – biology

I have learned the impact one person can make. One person invited me to a club meeting and the community of inclusivity, warmth, and learning inspired me to be more involved. I joined a second club, became an officer and have developed skills that will serve me well as I go on to work in underserved communities and educate people on dental health.

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