Chancellor Yeigh teaches veteran class

Published: November 7, 2014

Before Chancellor Wolf Yeigh began his tenure on the UW Bothell campus, he made it clear that at some point he wanted to get back into the classroom. This fall Chancellor Yeigh is following through on that mission by teaching a class for veterans. General Learning Strategies is taught as a small seminar intended to support veterans as they transition from military to civilian college life and into careers.

During the first week of fall quarter, Chancellor Yeigh proudly stood in front of his class. The pride stemmed from being in the same room with students who have served the nation and from the fact that as a veteran, he shares a special bond.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Yeigh served as a tactical intelligence officer for Fighter Squadron Seventy-Four (VF-74) aboard the USS Saratoga (CV-60) in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While on active duty, he completed Strike Lead Attack Training Syllabus (SLATS), Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun), Navy Electronic Officer Course, and Navy and Marine Corp Intelligence Training. He held the rank of lieutenant upon his honorable discharge from the Navy Reserve in 1995.

“We are thrilled that the Chancellor is teaching this class,” says Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Achievement and CUSP Leslie Ashbaugh. “As a campus that prides itself on our veteran-friendly status, I can’t imagine a better way to reinforce our commitment to veterans than to have our chancellor dedicate time to offer this seminar.”

The class time often includes guest speakers from across the campus who serve as resources throughout a student’s time at UW Bothell. The course aids veterans in navigating the academic, financial, social, physiological, and psychological challenges that they may encounter during their transition. It also provides an opportunity to acquire and improve skills. The topics covered include developing career options, building a learning community with other veterans, time management, studying effectively, and research skills.