UW Bothell Veterans Hold Challenge Coin Ceremony

UW Bothell Veterans Hold Challenge Coin Ceremony

Published: June 4, 2014

Thirty-four graduating veterans were recognized during the Challenge Coin Ceremony sponsored by the Student Veterans Association (SVA) held June 4 on the UW Bothell campus.

In today's modern military, "challenge coins" are presented by a unit commander in recognition of special achievement by a member of a unit. Each graduating veteran received a coin in appreciation for their military service and also their contributions as a student. Recipients are encouraged to keep them close, as a reminder of their time at UW Bothell.

Chancellor Wolf Yeigh said the military has recognized the need to care for each other after military service ends. “This is the most active SVA I have ever seen,” Yeigh said. “They raised funds to build a veterans monument on campus. Leaving the military and transitioning to civilian life while competing their degree requirements is a tremendous accomplishment.”

For the first time, UW Bothell graduating veterans will wear special commemorative stoles to honor their academic achievement and their military service. Yeigh – a U.S. Navy veteran – was presented with the first stole. UW Bothell staff member Lisa Walker was presented with an honorary coin for helping the SVA design and obtain approval for the veterans’ stole.

Here are the 2014 spring/summer student veteran graduates:

Ian Baello

Edward Callahan

Jahmil Cobb

Carla Damron

Earl Davis

Wendy Davis

Brandy Donaghy

Nate Drahota

Alex Dunne

Brad Grantz

Miles Hall

Tyler Hills

Amber Hopkins

Osman Karim

Kim Kendrick

Brad Lakey

Lemuel Lampton

Derek Lane

SVA President

Marcus Mickelson

SVA Marketing

Nathan Molsee

Gunnar Nelson

Jackie Nelson

Matthew Olson

Gregory Parker

Kathleen Pendleton

Mathew Petermeyer

Monica Pierce

Jia Qi

Jace Reed

Emily Rivera

Laura Savage

Michael Shaw

Reimundo “Chaz” Shaw

Nick Steen

SVA Secretary

Justin Strozyk

Michael Thom

SVA President

Brian White

Dan Yourkoski