Engagement Fair for First and Second Year Students

Published: April 18, 2014

During the week of April 21st, the Student Success Center at UW Bothell will be hosting the Pathways to Academic Engagement Fair. This opportunity acts as a gateway for first year and pre-major students to consider their college career and future aspirations. Students will be able to explore a variety of pathway partner opportunities, including undergraduate research, internships, UWave Radio, and UW Bothell’s art journal Clamor. Major advisors and other representatives will be available to answer questions.

Leslie Ashbaugh is the director of the Center for University Studies and Programs (CUSP). “Pathways to Academic Engagement is a program that enhances the UW Bothell students’ second year by exposing them to a support framework including peers, staff and faculty,” she explains. “This will help them integrate as actively engaged members of the campus and our local communities by promoting the many experiential academic opportunities available on our campus.”

Aided by the academic rigor and close-knit community characteristic of the campus and its programs, graduates of the University of Washington Bothell are succeeding in a variety of fields. For first year and pre-major students, CUSP is the first line of engagement and has created an exceptional student experience through the development of interdisciplinary courses that invite exploration and reflection on student interests and ambitions. Inclusive practices, ethics, critical and creative inquiry, quantitative and qualitative literacy, and communication are central learning goals of CUSP courses, and provide the foundation for success at the university and beyond.

For more information on Pathways to Academic Engagement Fair, click here.

Pathways to Academic Engagement