Autumn Study Abroad Combines Ancient Chinese History and Contemporary Media

Published: February 24, 2014

Weighing his options when choosing a study abroad program, Steven Birnbaum, a junior in business major, was initially hesitant about “Chinese Corridors: Ancient History and Contemporary Media,” an early fall educational tour of Beijing and Shanghai set from August 25th to September 16th.

Having completed his 100 level Chinese sequence, Birnbaum was looking for a language program. After consulting Dr. Weizhi Gao with whom he studied Chinese for two quarters, he concluded this program is a right choice for him.

For language students, exposure to the target language is constant since both directors (Weizhi Gao teaching at UW Bothell CUSP and Yomi Braester teaching at UW Comparative Literature Department) are experts on Chinese language and cultural studies. “Who could be a better guide?” Birnbaum asked. Dr. Gao is a native of Beijing while Dr. Braester, a famous scholar on Chinese cinema studies, is a frequent flyer to China.

In addition to accommodating the language need, the program offers a broad range of interest to students of history, culture, literature, art and architecture, etc. Students earn 5 credits under B CUSP 296 (Study Abroad on Bothell campus) or C LIT 271 (on Seattle campus).

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Yomi Braester, Ph.D.
Comparative Literature, Program Co-director

Weizhi Gao, Ph.D.
CUSP, Program Director