Inserting Files or Images

Images can be inserted using two options:

Option 1: "Insert Image or Media" 

  1. To insert media, click on the media icon:
  2. You can select media from the media library, or upload a newer one from your computer.
  3. At the bottom of the page there are a few features you can choose from:
    • Alternate Text- will be displayed when the user hovers over the image
    • Border Width
    • Border Color
    • Horizontal space- this will leave a space to the left and right of the image
    • Vertical space- this will leave a space above and under the image
    • Align- Choosing the different options will define where the image is place in relation to the text. (Example: choosing left will put the image to the left of the text)
    • Link - Here you can make the image a link to another site.
    • Please disregard the "Advanced" and "Behavior" tabs
  4. After selecting from the media option click Insert
  5. Click Save

Option 2: "File Upload"

  1. To insert a file, click on the "File Upload" icon:
  2. Browse your computer for the file
  3. Click open
  4. Click Save

Adding alt tags

Alternative tags (alt tags) on images in most cases are required to provide descriptive information about the image for users of non-visual devices. See the accessibility page for instructions on how to add them.

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